David Swensen

David Swensen

Yale University
Last update 2019-02-08 8 Stocks (2 new)
Value $681.00 Mil Turnover 27 %
Top Holdings: VWO(37.98%) EFA(35.61%) JBGS(19.79%) SPY(5.92%) ARVN(0.35%)
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David Swensen Profile

David Swensen has been the Chief Investment Officer at Yale University since 1985. He is responsible for managing and investing the University's endowment assets and investment funds, which total over $22 billion. Realizing an annual return of more than 17.2% on his investments over the last ten years, Swensen has added more than $16 billion to Yale's coffers. Mr. Swensen also outperformed 99% of U.S.-based mutual funds.

David Swensen Investing Philosophy

He is chiefly noted for having invented what has become known as The Yale Model, a mechanism for Multi-Asset Class Investing. He purposely diversifies the portfolio across a broad range including typical stocks, bonds, real estate, timber, and private investments like venture capital and leverage plans.

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