David Tepper

David Tepper

Appaloosa LP
Last update 2018-11-14 36 Stocks (3 new)
Value $5.61 Bil Turnover 6 %
Top Holdings: MU(29.03%) FB(9.68%) IRL:AGN(6.77%) HKG:BABA(4.41%) GOOG(4.26%)
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David Tepper Profile

David Alan Tepper is the founder of Appaloosa Management, which is a $3 billion hedge fund investment firm based in Chatham, N.J., just west of New York City. David Tepper initially became interested in the stock market as a young boy watching his father trade stocks in his hometown of Pittsburgh. Today, as president and founder of Appaloosa Management, Tepper has earned an international reputation for producing some of the highest returns amongst fund managers on Wall Street. He earned a master of science in industrial administration from Carnegie Mellon in 1982. He donated a record $55 million to the Graduate School of Industrial Administration. The gift is the largest donation to Carnegie Mellon University in its 104-year history.

David Tepper Investing Philosophy

He is a distressed-debt specialist, was once considered to be the hottest investor on wall street.

Historical Allocation of Stock, Bonds, Cash

Performance of Appaloosa Investment LP I

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David Tepper Boosts Klarman’s PG&E, Slims Facebook in 3rd Quarter
Top buy is in Californian utility hurt by ongoing wildfires, but sells outweigh buys
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270 Views    James Li    2018-11-15 23:02
Top Fund Buys: Facebook and Wells Fargo Rule
Hedge funds have been increasing their positions in Facebook and Wells Fargo recently
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Two Legendary Investors Are Getting Crushed on This Stock
David Tepper and Seth Klarman hit with shocking crash in PG&E stock
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Why Micron Still Has Room to Run
Micron seems to be well positioned to tackle changing industry dynamics
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5 Health Care Stocks Gurus Are Buying
Cigna, Allergan on the list
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266 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-10-30 21:24
David Tepper Still Loves Battleground Stock Micron
Tepper calls the low-PE stock one of the 'most hated in the world'
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972 Views    Holly LaFon    2018-09-17 22:18
David Tepper Takes His S&P 500 Exposure Down to 25% Because of Tariffs
The guru is shifting from bullish to very cautious
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Vistra Energy Is a Super Investor Lovefest
Billionaire gurus are piling into the stock
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182 Views    Jonathan Poland    2018-08-31 18:22
David Tepper Sells Facebook, Alibaba
Guru’s largest sales of the 2nd quarter
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269 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-08-28 15:42
Despite Volatility, David Tepper Continues to Bet on Micron Technology
The stock now makes up nearly 25% of the guru's portfolio
3 Votes
1737 Views    Jonathan Poland    2018-08-21 16:15

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What can we learn from looking into the life and work of the top scoring guru?
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David Tepper's Little-Known Conviction Picks
Fans of the rock star investor are familiar with his stakes in Facebook, Micron and Allergan. But what about a few other notable performers?
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Why I’m Bullish on Auto Stocks
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David Tepper Sends Open Letter to TerraForm Board
Guru questions business decisions of SunEdison
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Tepper Boosts Stake in TerraForm Power, Increases Pressure on Board
Merger that dropped share price poses threat to shareholder value, Tepper said
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David Tepper Raises Bet on Allergan and Adds 2 New Positions in Latest Quarter
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