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Edward Lampert

Edward Lampert

RBS Partners, L.P
Last update 2021-08-16 3 Stocks (1 new)
Value $183.00 Mil Turnover 5 %
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Edward Lampert Profile

Lampert is the founder of RBS Partners, L.P., a private investment company, and the Chairman of Sears Holdings Corporation (SHLD). Since starting RBS Partners, L.P. in 1988 at the age of 25, he has racked up returns averaging 29% a year. He is #68 on the list of Forbes 400 Richest Americans.

Edward Lampert Investing Philosophy

Like Warren Buffett, Lampert targets mature and easily understandable businesses that have strong cash flows. He focuses on a company's ability to generate large amounts of cash over the long haul. Unlike Buffett, Lampert is less focused on the management team of potential because of his willingness to implement changes in the companies in which he has invested. Lampert has significant experience investing in the retail arena.

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