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Jeremy Grantham

Jeremy Grantham

Last update 2021-08-16 704 Stocks (82 new)
Value $20.05 Bil Turnover 14 %
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Jeremy Grantham Profile

Jeremy Grantham is the Chairman of the Board of Grantham Mayo van Otterloo (GMO) LLC, a Boston-based asset management firm. He is regarded as a highly knowledgeable investor in various stock, bond and commodity markets. Grantham started one of the world's first index funds in the early 1970s.

Jeremy Grantham Investing Philosophy

Grantham has built much of his investing reputation over his long career by correctly identifying speculative market "bubbles" as they were happening and steering clients' assets clear of impending crashes. Grantham avoided investing in Japanese equities and real estate in the late eighties, as well as technology stocks during the internet bubble in the late nineties. Grantham also began warning about the overvaluation of equity and credit markets in 2006, well before the start of the crisis.

Performance of GMO US Intrin.Val. III (GMVUX)