Jim Chanos

Jim Chanos

Kynikos Associates LP
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Jim Chanos Profile

Jim Chanos is a famed short seller who began his Wall Street career at brokerage firm Gilford Securities in 1982. At Gilford, his cash-flow analysis and sell recommendation ultimately exposed Baldwin-United, which filed for bankruptcy in 1983. That got him thinking about short selling as a business. After working as an analyst in several firms, Chanos founded Kynikos Associates in 1985. Although we do not have his short positions, we do get some insight into his long positions through SEC filings.

Jim Chanos Investing Philosophy

Chanos conducts intensive research on stocks in order to identify fundamental failures in market valuation that result from underestimated or unreported failings.
In response to many money managers’ hesitance to short stocks, Chanos famously said, "Part of it is the fear in the back of every manager’s head that stocks can go up infinitely but you can only make 100 percent on the short side; stocks can only go to zero. My reply to that has always been: I have seen more stocks go to zero than infinity."
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