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Jim Simons

Jim Simons

Renaissance Technologies LLC
Last update 2021-11-12 3416 Stocks (668 new)
Value $77.43 Bil Turnover 24 %
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Jim Simons Profile

In 1982, Simons founded Renaissance Technologies Corporation, a private investment firm based in New York with over $20 billion under management; Simons is still at the helm, as CEO, of what is now one of the world's most successful hedge funds.

Jim Simons Investing Philosophy

For over two decades, Simons' Renaissance Technologies' hedge funds, which trade in markets around the world, have employed complex mathematical models to analyze and execute trades, many of them automated. Renaissance uses computer-based models to predict price changes in easily-traded financial instruments. These models are based on analyzing as much data as can be gathered, then looking for non-random movements to make predictions. "The advantage scientists bring into the game is less their mathematical or computational skills than their ability to think scientifically. They are less likely to accept an apparent winning strategy that might be a mere statistical fluke."

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