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Mairs and Power

Mairs and Power

Mairs & Power Inc
Last update 2021-08-16 212 Stocks (7 new)
Value $10.12 Bil Turnover 2 %
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Mairs and Power Profile

Mairs and Power Inc is a small firm whose strength and success has resulted from applying a conservative growth investment approach consistently for over 70 years. Both the Growth and Balanced Funds are built on a foundation of selected quality growth stocks purchased at what management considers to be reasonable valuation levels. When these securities are purchased, the intention is to hold these issues for relatively long periods of time to maximize tax-efficiency and allow the power of compounding to build wealth for its shareholders. However, sales are made on occasion in response to such factors as changing fundamentals, investment strategy shifts, and excessive valuation. Bill Frels is the portfolio manager at Mairs & Power, the investment advisory firm where he started in 1992. Frels plans to retire at the end of 2014, but will remain as the chairman of the investment committee and a shareholder.

Mairs and Power Investing Philosophy

Mairs & Powers follows a consistent and conservative investment approach. Mutual funds and individual accounts are built on quality growth stocks and fixed income securities. Equity securities are held for relatively long periods of time to maximize tax efficiency. Fixed income securities are held to maturity.

Performance of Mairs & Power Growth Fund