Mohnish Pabrai
Mohnish Pabrai
Dalal Street, LLC
Last update 2022-08-12 2 Stocks (0 new)
Value $101.00 Mil Turnover 0 %
Portfolio Report

Mohnish Pabrai Profile

Mohnish Pabrai is Managing Partner of Pabrai Investment Funds, a group of focused value funds. Pabrai said in a 2019 interview with GuruFocus that he had moved the majority of his funds into India, Turkey and South Korea where he was finding much better opportunities. His U.S.-based portfolio makes up a small portion of the fund’s total assets under management.

Mohnish Pabrai Investing Philosophy

Pabrai is a value investor. Pabrai invests primarily in smaller companies, those with a market cap in the half billion dollar range, that are out of favor. He tends to run concentrated portfolio.
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