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PointState Capital is an investment management company based out of New York. The company was founded in 2011 by Zachary J. Schreiber, who is currently still with the company acting as its CEO and CIO, Josh Samuelson, Kenan Turnacioglu and Jack Franke. PointState Capital began with approximately $5 billion in capital and has grown significantly in the few years since its establishment. The company currently has 47 employees with 39 of them being investment professionals and is owned by its employees with the controlling majority ownership in the company being held by founder, CEO, and CIO Zachary J. Schreiber, and the remaining ownership split amongst Joshua D. Samuelson, a limited partner, and other key executives. PointState Capital utilizes a variety of investment strategies including long/short equities, global macro, relative value investing, commodity investing, and special situations investing, among others. The company utilizes a high degree of leverage including derivative instruments and the trading of margin and repurchase agreements. The company invests most heavily in the health care sector, which alone makes up almost a third of its total asset allocations, and the firm also invests in the energy, materials, finance, consumer discretionary, and industrials sectors, among others to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. PointState Capital currently has $14.2 billion in total assets under management spread across 14 accounts, all of which are discretionary. Both of the company’s total number of accounts and total assets under management have been increasing in recent years with its total number of managed accounts doubling from 7 accounts two years ago and its total assets under management growing significantly from $6.8 billion back in 2012 to well over twice that amount today. The company currently caters almost exclusively to pooled investment vehicles, taking both a percentage of assets and various performance based fees.
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