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Voya Investment Management is a private investment manager that is currently operating as a subsidiary of Lion Connecticut Holdings. The company can trace its history back to its predecessor firm which began in 1973 though the company itself started in 1997. From its beginning, the firm focused on acquisitions to fuel fast growth, acquiring Furman Seiz in the year of its inception, Clarion just one year later, and the firms Aeltus Investment Management and Pilgrim Funds in the year 2000. Under ING U.S. IM, the company unified its acquired companies in 2002. The company, then known under the ING U.S. IM name, would build and expand its fixed income team, fundamental equity team, multi asset team, and fixed income team as well as acquire Citi Street in 2008. ING U.S. would become an independent company and have its IPO in 2013, rebranding itself to Voya Financial a year later. ING U.S. IM would be rebranded to its current name of Voya Investment Management in 2014. Voya Investment Management focuses on a long term perspective, a risk efficient proves, and consistent delivery to back the statement that “reliability is the cornerstone of our investment philosophy.” The company today can boast over 40 years of history in asset management, ranking in the top 30 managers of U.S. institutional tax extempt and Defined Contribution assets. Voya Investment Management currently has over $213 billion in total assets management, which $128 billion are for external institutions, and focus on equities, fixed income, and multi asset strategies and solutions as its core capabilities. As of 2015, the company has over 900 employees of which 200 are investment professionals. Some of the company’s mutual funds include its Corporate Leaders 100 Fund, Growth Opportunities Fund, Diversified Emerging Markets Debt Fund, Global Target Payment Fund, GNMA Income Fund, and Strategic Income Opportunities Fund.
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