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Insider Position Date Buy/Sell Shares Shares Owned Following This (Direct & Indirect) Trade Price ($) Cost ($1000) Price Change
Since Trade (%)
Share Ownership Details
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO
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2017-05-25Buy8,264260,644$16.23134.122.6557,335 (Direct)
33,782 (By SERP)
109,180 (By Stock Award)
10,347 (By ESOP)
50,000 (By IRA)
Scriveri DianeExecutive Vice President2017-02-07Buy1,90010,900$15.7129.856.051,900 (Direct)
9,000 (By Stock Award)
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO2016-02-08Buy5,000233,160$13.9269.619.6830,000 (Direct)
50,000 (By IRA)
16,685 (By SERP)
136,475 (By Stock Award)
Adzima StephenDirector2016-02-03Buy8093,932$14.271.1416.7518,119 (Direct)
20,080 (By Corporation)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for MA)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RA)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RYA)
1,402 (By Stock Award)
27,295 (By Stock Award II)
PETO JOHN HDirector2015-08-28Sell35,21936,710$13.7482.521.6129,367 (Direct)
7,343 (By IRA)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2015-08-26Sell15,000105,977$13.69205.3521.69103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO2015-08-03Buy5,00091,685$13.66822.525,000 (Direct)
50,000 (By IRA)
16,685 (By SERP)
Hrotko PatriciaEVP - Chief Revenue Officer2015-07-31Buy1,0003,571$13.6813.6821.78187 (Direct)
3,000 (By IRA)
384 (By 401(k))
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2015-06-09Sell18,231105,977$13.88253.0520.03103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO2015-05-19Buy16,68586,685$14.13235.7617.9120,000 (Direct)
16,685 (By SERP)
50,000 (By IRA)
PIANO CHRISTINE REVP, CFO & Treasurer2015-05-14Sell75,52269,590$13.991056.5519.0934,956 (Direct)
1,390 (By 401(k))
33,244 (By ESOP)
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO2015-03-06Sell28,68263,290$13.38383.7724.5131,832 (Direct)
31,458 (By ESOP)
PETO JOHN HDirector2015-03-05Sell13,53536,710$13.48182.4523.5929,367 (Direct)
7,343 (By IRA)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2015-03-03Sell13,391105,977$13.4179.4424.33103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2015-03-02Sell13,53510,707$13.29179.8825.3610,707 (Direct)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2015-02-27Sell11,609105,977$13.36155.124.7103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
AMBRA BART DEVP and COO of the Bank2015-02-11Sell69,29561,196$13.38927.1724.5135,935 (Direct)
25,261 (By ESOP)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2014-12-11Sell15,000105,977$13.13196.9526.88103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO2014-12-04Sell41,57759,018$12.76530.5230.5631,832 (Direct)
27,186 (By ESOP)
Hrotko PatriciaEVP - Chief Revenue Officer2014-12-04Buy1,0002,187$12.7312.7330.87187 (Direct)
2,000 (By IRA)
AMBRA BART DEVP and COO of the Bank2014-11-25Sell47,80461,196$12.62603.2932.0135,935 (Direct)
25,261 (By ESOP)
PIANO CHRISTINE REVP, CFO & Treasurer2014-11-12Sell4,97464,932$12.9664.4628.5534,956 (Direct)
1,360 (By 401(k))
28,616 (By ESOP)
PIANO CHRISTINE REVP, CFO & Treasurer2014-11-11Sell16,60364,932$12.97215.3428.4534,956 (Direct)
1,360 (By 401(k))
28,616 (By ESOP)
PIANO CHRISTINE REVP, CFO & Treasurer2014-08-19Sell20,00064,932$12.63252.631.9134,956 (Direct)
1,360 (By 401(k))
28,616 (By ESOP)
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO2014-08-12Buy5,00070,000$12.7363.6530.8720,000 (Direct)
50,000 (By IRA)
Adzima StephenDirector2014-08-07Buy7,00064,804$12.4186.8734.2517,768 (Direct)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for MA)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RA)
9,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RYA)
20,000 (By Corporation)
Hrotko PatriciaEVP - Chief Revenue Officer2014-05-14Buy1,0001,187$11.511.544.87187 (Direct)
1,000 (By IRA)
Adzima StephenDirector2014-04-01Buy24,50057,804$1024566.613,768 (Direct)
20,000 (By Corporation)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for MA)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RA)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RYA)
Tripucka Francis TracySVP-Commercial Lending2014-04-01Buy10,00010,000$1010066.610,000 (Direct)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2014-04-01Buy15,000105,977$1015066.6103,040 (Direct)
2,937 (By Son)
Sisco CynthiaDirector2014-04-01Buy20,00077,276$1020066.673,948 (Direct)
3,328 (By Stock Award)
Pivirotto Charles JDirector2014-04-01Buy5,00014,300$105066.65,972 (Direct)
5,000 (By Pivirotto & Co CPA 401(k))
3,328 (By Stock Award)
PIANO CHRISTINE RCFO and Treasurer2014-04-01Buy1,00064,932$101066.634,956 (Direct)
1,360 (By 401(k))
28,616 (By ESOP)
PETO JOHN HDirector2014-04-01Buy4,50041,657$104566.6Link
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO of the Bank2014-04-01Buy1,00059,018$101066.631,832 (Direct)
27,186 (By ESOP)
AMBRA BART DEVP and COO of the Bank2014-04-01Buy1,00061,196$101066.635,935 (Direct)
25,261 (By ESOP)
Aguggia Paul MChairman, President & CEO2014-04-01Buy65,00065,000$1065066.620,000 (Direct)
45,000 (By IRA)
Adzima StephenDirector2014-04-01Buy26,00059,304$1026066.615,268 (Direct)
20,000 (By Corporation)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for MA)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RA)
8,012 (By Spouse as Custodian for RYA)
CELUCH WALTERPresident and Corp Secretary2013-12-13Sell100,00050,961$12.45124533.825,047 (Direct)
5,108 (By 401(k))
40,481 (By ESOP)
325 (By SERP)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-12-09Sell9,39110,936$12.53117.6732.9610,936 (Direct)
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO of the Bank2013-12-06Sell47,84056,636$12.59602.3132.3331,491 (Direct)
25,145 (By ESOP)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-12-06Sell15,00010,936$12.63189.4531.9110,936 (Direct)
PETO JOHN HDirector2013-12-05Sell25,0000$12.6431631.8Link
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-12-05Sell20,00010,936$12.63252.631.9110,936 (Direct)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-12-04Sell2,29310,936$12.6929.131.2810,936 (Direct)
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2013-09-12Buy1,00092,920$,920 (Direct)
3,000 (By Son)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-03-08Sell86610,936$11.369.8446.6510,936 (Direct)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-03-07Sell3,59510,936$11.3440.7746.9110,936 (Direct)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-03-05Sell5,99610,936$11.3167.8147.310,936 (Direct)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2013-03-01Sell3,83010,936$11.3143.3247.310,936 (Direct)
CELUCH WALTERPresident and Corp Secretary2012-06-04Sell30,00046,743$1030066.65,047 (Direct)
5,108 (By 401(k))
36,291 (By ESOP)
297 (By SERP)
PETO JOHN HDirector2012-05-18Sell11,9680$9.95119.0867.44Link
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2012-02-10Sell7,00010,936$10.6474.4856.5810,936 (Direct)
CELUCH WALTERPresident and Corp Secretary2011-12-06Sell10,00072,627$1010066.635,047 (Direct)
0 (Joint Spouse & Daughter-KJC)
0 (Joint Spouse & Daughter-KMC)
5,108 (By 401(k))
32,175 (By ESOP)
297 (By SERP)
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2009-09-04Sell1,00011,952$10.2510.2562.54Link
PETO JOHN HDirector2009-05-08Buy2,0001,000$9.8819.7668.62
CELUCH WALTERPresident and Corp Secretary2008-11-24Sell13,16522,524$10.92143.7652.56
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2008-11-05Sell5,0006,968$10.4152.0560.04
CELENTANO JOHN A JRChairman of the Board and CEO, Director2008-02-19Buy10,000120,399$10.08100.865.28
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO of the Bank2008-02-14Sell85020,340$108.566.6
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2008-02-12Sell10,00011,968$1010066.6
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2008-02-12Buy10,00077,952$10.02100.266.27
HAHOFER FRANK JDirector2004-08-03Buy10,00041,200$11.811841.19Link
HAHOFER FRANK JDirector2004-05-28Buy50031,200$11.95.9540Link
HAHOFER FRANK JDirector2004-05-14Buy1,00030,700$12.0712.0738.03Link
HAHOFER FRANK JDirector2004-03-05Buy10029,700$12.691.2731.28Link
STOKES JOHNDirector2004-03-03Buy10,00010,000$1010066.6Link
SMITH JOSEPH CDirector2004-03-03Buy50,00050,000$1050066.6Link
SISCO RAYMOND LDirector2004-03-03Buy53,96253,962$10539.6266.6Link
PIANO CHRISTINE RCFO and Treasurer2004-03-03Buy5,3905,390$1053.966.6Link
PETO JOHN HDirector2004-03-03Buy17,50017,500$1017566.6Link
MILLER THOMAS ALLENDirector2004-03-03Buy10,00010,000$1010066.6Link
HOOGERHYDE STEPHEN AEVP and CLO of the Bank2004-03-03Buy2,5002,500$102566.6Link
HAHOFER FRANK JDirector2004-03-03Buy29,60029,600$1029666.6Link
AMBRA BART DEVP and COO of the Bank2004-03-03Buy5,0005,000$105066.6Link
CELUCH WALTERPresident and Corp Secretary2004-03-03Buy25,10825,108$10251.0866.6Link
CELENTANO JOHN A JRChairman of the Board and CEO2004-03-03Buy100,000100,000$10100066.6Link

Only the transactions in Open Market or Private Sale at the market prices are included. Other transactions such as Conversion of derivative security or Exercise of Options are not included. Insiders are only limited to Officers and/or Directors of the company.

"Shares" change (fifth column), "Shares Owned Following This (Direct & Indirect)" transactions (sixth column), and "Trade Price ($)" (seventh column) are split adjusted. The "Share Ownership Details" (last column) displayed data is as of reported (also split adjusted).

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