Brand New Models for Happy Hacking Keyboard and HHKB Accessories Now Available!

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Jan 06, 2020
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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc. introduces new Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) models including a Bluetooth enabled model, as well as HHKB branded accessories for avid HHKB fans!


The HHKB was developed by programmers for programmers to provide a smooth and fast keying experience while minimizing hand and finger fatigue. The keyboard only has the most necessary keys resulting in a light, compact and minimalist device. Since its introduction, the HHKB has been used by many customers including programmers and engineers and has sold over 500,000 units worldwide. The core concepts for the HHKB are its intelligent key layout and compact size. While these features have never changed for more than 20 years, keymap customization software and multi-platform support have been introduced to meet the changes in today's technology and work environment.

"I've personally used HHKB for over 20 years for professional and personal use, and I'm very excited to bring the latest generation of this cult classic to the U.S. market." said Yasunari Shimizu, CEO of Fujitsu Computer Products of America.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Key Features
Three models (HYBRID Type-S, HYBRID, Classic) in your choice of White or Charcoal, with Printed or Blank Key Caps are available. The HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models feature multi-platform support which allows you to use both Bluetooth and USB connection. Furthermore, the HYBRID Type-S models enable excellent typing speeds and quieter typing. The Classic models maintain the original HHKB specifications and are supported by wired (USB) connection.

  1. Evolution of Multi-Platform Support
    The new HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models give users flexibility in how they connect their keyboards to their favorite devices, e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via both Bluetooth or USB connection. In addition, the new HHKB lineup has been equipped with a Type-C USB connector so that the keyboards can be used with the most up-to-date devices.
  2. Improvements to the Interface
    HYBRID and HYBRID Type-S models include the ability to pair with up to 4 Bluetooth devices. Users can switch easily between devices with simple keyboard shortcuts.
  3. Additional Customizable Functions
    The HYBRID Type-S and HYBRID models include keymap customization functionalities. In addition to the DIP switch that allows users to change the control key assignments, now users can customize the entire keymap*2 through an intuitive and easy-to-understand software application (Windows only) designed exclusively for this function. The keymap settings are saved within the HHKB itself so that the same settings can be used from one device to another without needing to reprogram each time.
  4. Continuous Pursuit of Quality
    (1) High-Quality Key Switches
    HHKB's Electrostatic Capacitive Key Switch detects changes in electrostatic capacity with each key press. This ensures a smooth and comfortable key touch and high durability. For the HYBRID Type-S models, excellent typing speed and quietness levels are achieved by adopting a unique buffer inside the keys.
    (2) Intelligent Key Layout and Compact Size
    The intelligent key layout carried over from the very first HHKB model allows users to enter characters quickly using shortcut keys. In addition, minimizing the number of keys has helped to make the keyboard compact and light so that it is ideal for carrying around.
    (3) High-Quality Details
    Long life dye-sublimated key top labeling is used for the characters and symbols on the key tops. This method ensures characters and symbols are printed clearly and also ensures the print will last for a long time. Characters and symbols will not be rubbed off even after the keyboard is used for several years. The HHKB also includes 3 options for keyboard height adjustment, creating a more ergonomic experience for long hours of work.

HHKB Branded Accessories:

  • Wrist Rests: Made from a combination of beech and maple hardwoods, these wrist rests look and feel the part. Designed to support the wrists over long periods of work and play, they're crafted with a slight angle for ergonomic comfort. The base has anti-slip rubber pads to keep the wrist rest in place. The wood is finished with a semi-clear surface and is resistant to warping.
    • Available in Red, Black, and Ivory
    • Made with Beech hardwood and Maple hardwood
    • Anti-slip rubber base
    • Anti-warp design
    • Made in the USA
  • Tablet/Phone Stand: The stand provides a convenient place to put your smartphone or tablet while using the keyboard. It is adjustable, foldable, portable, and hands-free. Made of quality premium lightweight aluminum and includes rubber pads that can protect your mobile device from any scratches and sliding.
    • The stand is compatible with all 4 -10 inch smartphones and e-readers, even in a protective cover
    • Includes a Happy Hacking Keyboard neoprene zipper travel bag with carabiner.
    • Neoprene zipper travel bag material: Polyester
  • Protective Lid:
    • Designed specifically to fit the HHKB compact size and key layout.
    • The HHKB protective lid shields the keys and helps keep the keyboard and keycaps clean.
    • Includes embossed HHKB logo
  • Carrying Case Bundle – Coming Soon! The carrying case bundle includes the HHKB branded carrying case, protective lid and wrist rest.
    • Carrying case – a black nylon soft case that accommodates all three items, made in the US
    • Protective Lid – as described above
    • Wrist Rests – select from black, red, or ivory

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the new HHKB models range from $217 to $320, and are as follows:

  • HHKB Pro 3 Classic models - $217 list price
  • HHKB Pro 3 HYBRID models - $264 list price
  • HHKB Pro 3 HYBRID Type-S models - $320 list price

HHKB branded accessory pricing:

  • Wrist Rests – $50 each
  • Tablet/Phone Stand with Travel Bag– $35
  • Protective Lid – $35
  • Carrying Case Bundle - $105

HHKB keyboards and accessories are available on Fujitsu's online store and on Amazon.

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  • Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.
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  1. Up to four devices can be registered and switched at any time.
  2. Some keys with preset functions may be excluded for the Keymap Customization Function.

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