Visualized Guru Stock Picks and Portfolios with Flash Chart

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Dec 20, 2010
In order for users to better understand gurus’ stock picks and portfolios, GuruFocus has developed a flash chart to visualized gurus’ trading and holding activities. Here we use Warren Buffett ’s equity portfolio at Berkshire Hathaway as the example to explain the features on the chart.

This is Warren Buffett’s portfolio in chart:

These are what we have on the chart:

  1. This chart displays up to 50 top holdings of the portfolio, the top buys and top sells during the past quarter.
  2. The top buys are the buys/adds among the top 50 holdings.
  3. The top sells are not necessarily in the top 50 holdings. Some of them have been complete eliminated.
  4. The x-axis is the market cap of the position
  5. The y-axis is the price change of the stock since the latest portfolio date. This is the end of the fiscal quarter of the firm.
  6. Each buy, sale, and holding is represented by a round bubble. The size of the bubble is proportional to the significance of the buy, sale or ownership.
  7. Green bubbles represent the positions gurus bought during the past quarter
  8. Red bubbles show that the position was reduced or sold out during the past quarter
  9. Grey bubbles are the positions of the stocks that are held by the gurus on the last day of the reported fiscal quarter.
  10. Along x-axis, the chart is divided into four areas: small cap, mid-cap, large cap, and mega cap.
  11. Move your mouse on the bubbles, you will see detailed information about this position:

    1. Number of shares owned on the portfolio date
    2. The change in the number of shares during the quarter.
    3. The weighting of the position in the complete portfolio when it is a holding (grey) bubble
    4. The impact to portfolio due to the buys/sales when it is a buy (green) or sale (red) bubble
  12. Clicks you can do:
    1. The legends are clickable. Click on each item in the legend will hide/show all the bubbles in the same color
    2. Each bubble is clickable. Click on the bubble with bring you to the page of the corresponding stock on GuruFocus.
  13. You can embed this chart into your own website by copying the embed code and post on your site. It is an “iframe”, resources are provided from GuruFocus.

What can we observe from Warren Buffett ’s portfolio chart?

  1. Warren Buffett’s largest positions are in large cap and mega cap areas.
  2. Berkshire has a lot more sale than buys for the quarter ended on 9/30/2010 as we see a lot more red bubbles than green bubbles.
  3. By clicking on the legend red item and grey item we hide the red bubbles and the grey bubbles, we see his largest buy was WFC, added 5%, the impact to portfolio due to the buy is 0.8%. Buffett owns more than 336.4 million shares as of 09/30. The price is up about 20% since 09/30.
  4. Buffett has two other buys: JNJ – an added position, and BK, a new position. You can see similar details as with WFC.
  5. Click on the green legend to hide the buys and the red legend to show all buys. We now hide the green bubbles and see the red bubbles (sales). There are quite some sales. The largest sales are NKE (a reduction of 52% of the shares) and RSG (sold out). You can also see other sales by moving the mouse on the red bubbles.
  6. Click on the red legend to hide all sales, and click on the grey legend to show the positions. Move the mouse around and we see the largest positions are overlapped in the large cap area and the mega cap area.
  7. Berkshire does have a large mid-cap position, which is WSC, it is about 4.21% of the portfolio
  8. Berkshire has no small cap positions.

Now let’s look at the portfolio of Bruce Berkowitz:

By doing similar clicks we can see that Bruce Berkowitz has slightly more sales than buys for the quarter ended 09/30. The largest purchases were MS, GE, BAC etc. The largest sales were HUM, HTZ, BP, CMCSK etc. Bruce Berkowitz owns 20 positions. The top 5 (AIG, SHLD, C, BAC, MS, GS) have similar weightings. Berkowitz does have some small cap positions: FUR, RRR, TAL etc).

Also the portfolio of Paul Tudor Jones :

Hope you like the chart. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them here. If you are not a premium member, please take a 7-day free trial to explore the features like this on GuruFocus.

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