FDCTech partners and integrates award-winning SkaleCRM software with Condor FX Trading Platform

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Jun 11, 2021

SkaleCRM is a leading and award-winning third-party customer revenue management (CRM) solution for FX Brokerages. Skale provides business solutions to over 90 plus FX Brokers worldwide.

Irvine, CA, June 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FDCTech, Inc. ("FDC" or the "Company," FDCT), a fintech company with a full suite of digital financial services solutions, today announced that it has partnered and successfully integrated SkaleCRM with Condor FX Pro Trading Platform. The Skale CRM is powered by Fintech Solutions Limited (“Fintech Solutions”) based in Herzliya, Israel. Fintech Solutions provides software solutions, inter-alia, development, design, and web solutions for retail FX brokerages and provides back-office solutions and CRM integration with third-party trading technologies such as the Condor FX Pro Trading platform.

The collaborative effort between the two companies aims to provide cross-selling opportunities for the Company to offer the Condor FX Trading platform with SkaleCRM to its network of FX brokers. In addition, FDC's Condor FX Pro Trading platform licensees will handle and automate various customer management processes using SkaleCRM software solutions. On the other hand, the partnership and successful integration allow Fintech to present the Condor FX Trading platform in its Skale FX Marketplace for potential licensing deals with the Company.

"I am are very pleased to announce our collaboration with the FDCTech and the addition of their flagship trading platform, Condor FX Pro, to the Skale FX Marketplace. Using the 'plug-and-play' Skale FX Marketplace, we have connected our brokers to the best of breed trading platforms and trading-related applications. Condor FX Pro is another best-of-breed platform allowing traders a true multi-asset trading experience. In these competitive times, each broker is looking for that edge to gain clients, and Condor FX Pro might be the solution for many brokers. This is a big addition to the Skale family of platforms supported, and we thank FDCTech for trusting in us to deliver excellence to their clients," said David Nussbaum, Skale Founder, and CEO.

"SkaleCRM is the leading client portal and revenue optimization tool for FX brokers to seamlessly provide access to the world's leading platform and payment solutions. FX brokers can select and license Condor FX Pro Trading Platform via Skale FX Marketplace and immediately offer thousands of trading symbols across multiple asset classes into customizable web, mobile, and desktop trading terminals. In addition, FDC as a trusted trading platform technology provider, allows FX brokers to add platform functionality on the fly to enable them to invest in their brand," said Mitchell Eaglstein, Co-Founder and CEO of the Company.

Please visit our SEC filings or Company's website for more information on the full results and management's plan.

Fintech Solutions Ltd.

Fintech Solutions Ltd., under its brand Skale, is a SAAS CRM, client self-management, and an affiliate platform for financial services companies and call centers. Skale offers a secure, customizable, and well-supported CRM platform that gives its customers the freedom to grow their business faster, with total confidence that their customer assets are protected. In addition, the 'plug-and-play' Skale Marketplace with over 150 3rd party plugins empowers its customers to extend the power of the Skale platform with the best of breed applications. For more information about Skale, please visit https://www.skalecrm.com/.

FDCTech, Inc.

FDCTech, Inc. ("FDC"), formerly known as Forex Development Corporation, is a US-based, fully integrated financial technology company. FDC develops and delivers a full suite of technology infrastructure solutions to FX, Crypto, Wealth Management, and other future-proof financial sectors.

About Genesis Financial, Inc., a subsidiary of the Company

Genesis is a fintech-powered wealth management company offering financial services through two Australian-regulated entities in wealth management, credit license, and tax and accounting advisory services.

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