Try GuruFocus' New Screener Features: Map Chart and Bubble Chart

These 2 new charts were just released

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Jul 13, 2021
  • A brief introduction to GuruFocus' newest features.
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Our new features, the Map chart and Bubble chart, were just released on the screener page. They provide an overall visual regarding a set of stocks, whether they are components of the S&P 500 or tickers selected from your own filters.

You will find direct links to these charts under the "Screeners" menu.


By clicking them, you will be redirected to the S&P 500 chart.


The screener view will default to the S&P 500 Index. If you want to see information about other indexes, there are more options under the "Filter" section on the left-hand side of the page. In addition to numerous indexes, you can also select the "Active Filter," which will show results from your own screens.

You can also access the charts by clicking the "Map" or "Bubble" button located at the top of the screener page.


Using this method, the chart will display the tickers filtered out by conditions you selected in the main screener. For example, if you select the filter, "Market Cap ($M): $50M to $50B," then the chart will only display tickers that meet those criteria.


You may also want to change the indicators related to "Market Cap" or "Day’s Change." The box or bubble size will be determined by the size of the indicator. For instance, a stock with a greater market cap will have a larger box or bubble. On the other hand, the color of a ticker corresponds to the color of the indicator. For example, a more positive day’s change is illustrated by a brighter green color and a more negative one is indicated by a brighter red.

Sorting and pagination is also allowed. For example, as the image shows, the chart will display the "Top 500" tickers with the greatest market cap value. You may change the sorting and pagination by clicking the "Top" and "500" buttons.

If you have any suggestions or encounter any unexpected issues, please click the "Feedback" button above the chart selection box.


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