Interview of George Soros by Wall Street Journal

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Dec 20, 2011
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This is a 34-minute interview with George Soros by Wall Street Journal. Soros mentioned Graham & Dodd many times. He discussed what he does with bubbles. Some quotes:

China is the main beneficiary of the collapse of international financial system. Regulations/regulars make the market more instable. Advices to investors:

If I see bubble, the first thing I will do is to buy, and ride the bubble. Once I see the flaw in the bubble, I start to sell. I cannot get the timing right, so I lost a lot of money. In the internet bubble, I shorted too soon.

You cannot expect investors to resist the bubble, you can expect to join the bubble until everyone join the bubble. Then an external force will deflate the bubble.

The regular will always be wrong, and they have to recognize that they will be wrong. They have to recognize market has moods.

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