Notes from Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting

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May 09, 2006
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My trip to Berkshire Hathaway started at the Nashville, TN airport, but things didn't start getting interesting until I got to Memphis, TN. It was there that I boarded the plane to Omaha, NE. One after one, people got on the plane. One guy with Graham's "Security Analysis" book, another with "The Intelligent Investor", another with "The Warren Buffett Way", and on and on. In hindsight, I think the entire flight was full of Berkshire Hathaway investors because I saw a bunch of them throughout the weekend at various events.

When the plane was landing, I was talking to a guy and his wife. He's been a Berkshire shareholder since the early 1990's and this was his seventh visit to Omaha. He said he had to thank Warren because he did a lot of great things for him.

For me, it was my first visit and the excitement of the trip only allowed me four hours of sleep the night before.

At 5:45 AM, I arrived at Qwest Center. The doors didn't open for another 75 minutes, but there were already 200 people in line and I showed up at the perfect time - any later and the line got really, really long. The building is impressive and the people in line were very nice. We chatted about stocks and the real estate market for about an hour. Once again, people were negative on the real estate market.

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