Sam's Club to Deploy ARC Device Lockers Nationwide

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Apr 19, 2023

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ARC's smart charging lockers safeguard Sam's Club's investment in workplace technology, while also boosting productivity and enhancing the member experience

BENTONVILLE, Ark., April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ARC (Asset Recharge Center), a division of ChargeItSpot, and Sam's Club, a division of Walmart Inc. and a leading membership warehouse club, today are announcing a national, chain-wide roll out of enterprise mobile device management locker technology through their partnership.


ARC and Sam's Club team up to safeguard the retailer's investment in workplace mobile technology nationwide.

ARC's smart lockers minimize the cost, wasted time and lost productivity surrounding the many thousands of handheld devices that associates use to do their jobs. ARC provides a centralized, tech-enabled management system to keep company-owned handheld devices charged, protected, and fully functional.

"As we continue to provide an incredible experience for our members, that starts with equipping our associates with the right technology," said Chad Donath, SVP of Operations for Sam's Club. "We are excited to partner with ARC on this technology that we feel is a key part of our device strategy and ensures all associates can quickly and easily access a device."

Lost, broken or low-functioning devices have become a huge pain point across retail and other industries. Without access to functioning and charged devices, production from club teams can be hindered, and not allow associates to appropriately and efficiently take care of their members.

With this in mind, ARC has developed and rolled out an automated, self-service smart locker system for handheld devices that reduces device loss, increases productivity, all while enhancing the end user's experience.

ARC's mobile device management lockers, which will roll out to all Sam's Club locations starting later this year, provide one-to-one device accountability and proprietary charging technology in each locker. ARC's setup is configured to allow for quick scan-in and scan-out of devices, and its issue-reporting technology ensures swift mobile device maintenance and repair.

"Our associates are already telling us these lockers allow them to stop worrying about lost or damaged devices and gives them more time to focus on taking care of our members," said Donath. "All of our clubs and our club associates will benefit from this technology. It's just easier."

The ARC mobile device management technology also helps drive efficiencies and financial returns. In Sam's Club locations where ARC is already deployed, teams report a large decrease in annual device loss and it helps save associates time, in every club, every day.

"ARC is absolutely delighted to partner with a deeply respected and much-loved brand like Sam's Club. They set the bar for operational excellence in retail, and we're thrilled that ARC will be integrated at scale with their device strategy to help maximize club efficiency," said Douglas Baldasare, Founder and CEO of ARC. "This partnership is a clear message that retailers no longer have to struggle with their enterprise mobile devices. Sam's Club associates can now focus on continuing to deliver the absolute best member experience."

About Sam's Club
Sam's Club®️, a division of Walmart Inc. (NYSE: WMT), is a leading membership warehouse club offering superior products, savings and services to millions of members in nearly 600 clubs in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Now in its 40th year, Sam's Club continues to redefine warehouse shopping with its highly curated assortment of high-quality fresh food and Member's Mark® items, in addition to market leading technologies and services like Scan & Go™️, Curbside Pickup and home delivery service in select markets. To learn more about Sam's Club, visit the Sam's Club Newsroom, shop at, and interact with Sam's Club on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and TikTok.

About ARC
ARC™ (Asset Recharge Center) is a smart-locker system that manages company-owned handheld devices that employees use to do their jobs. Handheld devices are a critical productivity driver for team members. However, they go missing at an alarming rate, frequently become non-functional and are encumbered by processes that consume time from team managers. ARC's tech-enabled solution is designed to minimize waste around this deceptively costly problem.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, ARC is a division of ChargeItSpot, which offers free and secure phone charging stations for some of the biggest brands in the world. Since its founding in 2011, ChargeItSpot stations have saved millions of consumers from dying phone batteries, while driving value for retailers through increased sales, enhanced marketing efforts, and an elevated in-store shopping experience.

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