New Feature: DuPont Analysis Chart for Enhanced Financial Understanding

A decomposition of return on equity

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Jun 21, 2023
  • GuruFocus has added the DuPont Analysis chart to the Summary page.
  • The DuPont Analysis provides insight into three critical areas of a company's performance: profitability, asset efficiency and financial leverage.
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We are thrilled to announce a significant addition to our robust suite of financial tools: the DuPont Analysis chart. Now, at the heart of each stock summary page, you can conveniently access this powerful and insightful analytical model. This improvement is part of our ongoing commitment to provide the best tools and resources to our investing community, empowering you to make more informed investment decisions.


Understanding the DuPont Analysis chart

First, let's dive into understanding the DuPont Analysis. Named after the DuPont Corp. that pioneered its use in the 1920s, the DuPont Analysis is an advanced method that allows investors to gain a deeper understanding of a company's return on equity (ROE). By decomposing ROE into its essential components, the DuPont Analysis provides insight into three critical areas of a company's performance: profitability, asset efficiency and financial leverage.

Unlike traditional ROE analysis, which provides only a singular view of a company's performance, the DuPont Analysis provides a comprehensive, three-tier examination. It assesses a company's:

  1. Profitability: Represented by the net margin, measures how much net income or profit is generated as a percentage of revenue.


  2. Asset Efficiency: Showcased by the asset turnover ratio, measures how quickly a company turns over its asset through sales.


  3. Financial Leverage: Indicated by the equity multiplier, measures the relationship of the total assets of the company to the portion owned by shareholders and is an indicator of a business’ capability to pay off debt.


Benefits of the DuPont Analysis chart

Understanding these three components independently and in relation to one another helps investors delve deeper into a company's financial health. However, doing this manually can be time-consuming and potentially prone to errors.

GuruFocus's DuPont Analysis chart simplifies the complex analysis into a user-friendly visual format. It offers several advantages to our users:

  • Efficient Evaluation: By visualizing the DuPont components, the analysis process is expedited, allowing you to spend less time crunching numbers and more time focusing on making informed investment decisions.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: It enables a more profound and comprehensive interpretation of a company's financial condition by dissecting ROE into its basic elements.
  • Comparative Analysis: It allows for a more nuanced comparison between different companies within the same industry, providing a more precise investment landscape.
  • Performance Trends: By examining historical data in the DuPont chart, you can identify a company's performance trends over time and anticipate possible future scenarios.
  • Informed Investment Decision: By pinpointing areas of strength and concern, the DuPont Analysis chart aids you in making informed investment decisions.

How to add the DuPont Analysis chart

To access the DuPont Analysis chart on GuruFocus, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to any stock’s GuruFocus Summary page.
  2. If you are in the default view, you will find the DuPont Analysis chart located between the Segments data and Operating Data widgets.
  3. If you are in your personalized view tab, click on "Add Widget."
  4. Search for "DuPont-Analysis" and click on "+ Add."
  5. Once added, click "Done."
  6. You can now drag the widget to any desired location on the Summary page.1671555008308445184.png

In conclusion, the DuPont Analysis chart is an excellent tool for understanding a company's financial health beyond the surface level. As always, our primary goal at GuruFocus is to provide you with the most advanced and accessible tools to make your investment journey easier and more rewarding.

We invite you to explore this new feature and utilize the insights generated from the DuPont Analysis chart to elevate your investing strategies. We are confident that this addition to our platform will provide you with a more comprehensive view of a company's financial performance, enabling you to make even better investment decisions.

Thank you for being part of our GuruFocus community. Your trust in our platform inspires us to continue to enhance our offerings to better serve your investment needs.

Happy investing!


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