SC US (TTGP), LTD. Bolsters Stake in Amplitude Inc

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Overview of SC US (TTGP), LTD.'s Recent Trade

SC US (TTGP), LTD., a prominent investment firm, has recently increased its investment in Amplitude Inc (AMPL, Financial), a software company specializing in digital analytics. On November 7, 2023, the firm added 7,885,132 shares to its position, bringing its total holdings to 10,684,083 shares. This transaction had a notable impact of 0.82% on the firm's portfolio and was executed at a trade price of $11.15 per share. The addition has increased SC US (TTGP), LTD.'s position in Amplitude Inc to 1.11% of its portfolio, representing 11.20% ownership of the company.

Investment Philosophy of SC US (TTGP), LTD.

SC US (TTGP), LTD., headquartered at 2800 Sand Hill Rd, Suite 101, Menlo Park, CA, is known for its strategic investments, primarily focusing on technology and financial services sectors. With an equity portfolio valued at $10.62 billion and 25 stocks in its holdings, the firm's top investments include Datadog Inc (DDOG, Financial), Unity Software Inc (U, Financial), Snowflake Inc (SNOW, Financial), DoorDash Inc (DASH, Financial), and Nu Holdings Ltd (NU, Financial). The firm's investment philosophy is centered around identifying high-growth potential companies within these sectors.


Introduction to Amplitude Inc

Amplitude Inc, trading under the symbol AMPL, operates from the United States and went public on September 28, 2021. The company offers a digital analytics platform that enables businesses to understand customer behavior within their digital products. Amplitude Inc's services are delivered through a subscription-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, complemented by customer support and training. The majority of its revenue is generated within the United States, and the company has a market capitalization of approximately $1.3 billion.


Amplitude Inc's Financial and Market Performance

Amplitude Inc's stock is currently priced at $10.91, with no price-to-earnings ratio as the company is not profitable. The stock has experienced a year-to-date decline of 9.54% and a significant drop of 78.18% since its IPO. The company's GF Score stands at 22 out of 100, indicating potential challenges in future performance. Amplitude Inc's financial strength is reflected in its Financial Strength rank of 8 out of 10, but its Profitability Rank is low at 1 out of 10, with no available data for Growth Rank, GF Value Rank, or Momentum Rank.

SC US (TTGP), LTD.'s Investment in Amplitude Inc

The recent acquisition by SC US (TTGP), LTD. is a strategic move, indicating the firm's confidence in Amplitude Inc's potential despite its current financial performance. The investment now accounts for a significant portion of the firm's portfolio and represents a substantial ownership stake in Amplitude Inc. This could suggest that SC US (TTGP), LTD. sees long-term growth opportunities or undervalued prospects in the company.

Amplitude Inc's Valuation and Future Prospects

With no available GF Value data, Amplitude Inc's valuation cannot be accurately assessed using GuruFocus's exclusive method. However, the company's strong revenue growth of 45.80% over the past three years and a solid cash-to-debt ratio of 36.31 indicate some underlying strengths. The company's future prospects will likely hinge on its ability to improve profitability and continue its revenue growth trajectory.

Market Reaction and Stock Momentum

Since the transaction, Amplitude Inc's stock has seen a price change of -2.15%. The stock's momentum indicators, such as the RSI 14-day at 45.93, suggest a neutral market sentiment. The stock's momentum index over the past month is 0.70, while the 12-month index shows a decline of -31.96, reflecting the stock's volatility and investor uncertainty.


The recent investment by SC US (TTGP), LTD. in Amplitude Inc underscores the firm's commitment to its technology-centric portfolio strategy. While Amplitude Inc faces challenges in profitability and market performance, the firm's increased stake could be a sign of confidence in the company's long-term prospects. Value investors will be watching closely to see if this move by SC US (TTGP), LTD. can help steer Amplitude Inc towards a more favorable financial trajectory.

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