Insider Sell: Duolingo Inc CFO Matthew Skaruppa Sells 8,000 Shares

Matthew Skaruppa, the CFO of Duolingo Inc (DUOL, Financial), has sold 8,000 shares of the company on February 1, 2024, according to a recent SEC Filing. Duolingo Inc is an education technology company known for its language learning platform, which offers lessons in over 30 languages to users around the globe. The platform uses gamification to encourage continuous learning and user engagement.

Over the past year, the insider has sold a total of 78,856 shares and has not made any purchases of the company's stock. This latest transaction is part of a series of sales by the insider, reflecting a consistent pattern of share disposals over the period.

The insider transaction history for Duolingo Inc shows a trend of insider selling, with 59 insider sells recorded over the past year and no insider buys during the same timeframe. This could be indicative of the insiders' assessment of the stock's valuation or their personal financial planning strategies.

On the date of the insider's recent sale, shares of Duolingo Inc were trading at $178.67, giving the company a market capitalization of $7.489 billion. The sale of 8,000 shares by the insider represents a notable transaction and contributes to the overall trend of insider selling activity at the company.


Investors often monitor insider selling as it can provide insights into how the company's executives and directors view the stock's current valuation. However, it is important to consider that insider selling can occur for various reasons and may not necessarily reflect a negative outlook on the company's future performance.

For more detailed information on insider transactions and stock performance, investors are encouraged to review the full SEC filings and consider the broader market context.

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