Sports Stocks Trading vs. Sports Betting

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Jan 26, 2015
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Sport play an important role in the development of countries. Since competitive sport is so important to many people worldwide, they often buy sports stocks in an effort to make a profit from their investment. Nowadays, however, many investors are turning to sports betting where they can bet money on a team, and if the team comes out on top, the investor collects.

Sports betting vs. trading stocks

Many consider sports betting and stock trading to come under the same banner as gambling. Many others are of the opinion that sports betting is just like playing the stock market. Whichever way one looks at it, still, both are ways of making money. Sports betting is not too difficult to manage and they are cheaper as well as safer to invest. Persons who desire to invest in sports betting can gather material at Sports Information Traders and other places to stay in the game.

On the other hand, investing in the stock market takes a certain amount of level-headedness on the part of the investor. This type of investment is more complex and thus requires a higher level of wisdom than that of betting on a team to win. Checking out how companies are performing in the market takes a certain amount of business skill to carry out and in addition, a stock investor must determine the different variables concerning the market so that he or she can cut down the possibility of losses. Once an investor has the variables information involved with sports betting or the stock market, he or she can use it to find an edge. 

Sports betting variables

Sports betting variables comes with a number of power ratings and adjustments. Some very important variables a sport betting punter should take into consideration before investing his or her hard-earned cash are the weather, injury, home court advantage and even revenge games.

Stock trading variables

Some important stock market variables include stock price, strategy, risk amount and percentage, target price, return dollars, percentage returns and risk ratio. Knowing all these variables as well as how to handle them can put a trader in the driver seat.

Sports stocks to watch in 2015

Adidas (ADDDF)

Presently, Adidas owns over 19% of the athletic footwear market and is a strong contender in the manufacturing of sporting goods. On Friday, the company sold one of its Rockport shoe brand units for $280 million. The company went ahead with the sale because it wanted to have more time on its hands to concentrate on manufacturing and selling sporting goods.

In 2014, Adidas’ sales drove up to 2% to stand at 14.8 billion euros and shares climbed by 3.8%. The organization’s net income was 650 million euros in 2014. Most of Adidas sales are done outside of the US and at such is steadily generating growth for the company.

US sales, however, is not doing as well as overseas sales. US sales went down 7% in the first nine months of 2014. Sales in the US region stood at $2.27 billion in 2014 and Adidas’ new CEO Mark King will have his hands full in trying to find ways to increase sales growth in that country for the remainder of 2015.

Callaway Golf Co.

Since 2015, Callaway Golf stock traded at lower than its 52-week high at 22.51% and a 52-week low of 18.11%. The stock’s range for a single year is $6.79 to $10.35. Last trading session for the company sees its stocks being at $7.98.

Callaway Golf's market cap is at $556.18 million. Reported earnings on October 23, 2014 were -$0.06 per share. 

So far, institutions that have ownership of the company’s outstanding shares are totaling 93.70%, which is a 0.53% increase. Further ownership sees company insiders selling 0.84% stocks since the last quarter.

Analysts watching Callaway stock are routing for an $8 to $9.50 price target and a 2.10 recommended score to go with it. The price earnings ratio is 79.8 while the S&P 500 average is 18.15. So far, the company has outdone the S&P 500 by 6.8%.

Callaway moving average for its 50 days is $7.55 and it carries a $7.65 200-day moving average as well. The company’s revenue posted was in the $0.17 billion, standing against an estimated $4.55 billion.

Callaway stock is a must watch for 2015 and analysts should not be at all surprised if this stock make better headway than expected. Investors should try for ownership of this company’s stock if they want to make money down in the year.

World Wrestling Entertainment Inc.

During last trading, World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. shares climbed 2.2705% or 0.23 points. Opening trade was 10.21 as the stock went up a high of 10.3639. Eventually, profit booking caused the stock to fall to 10.36 with a convincing volume of 580,785 shares.

As World Wresting Entertainment stock reached a 52-week high, it registered 31.98. In addition, it carries a 52-week low of 9.8202. On closing day, the company’s stock stood at 68.32% while moving away from the last 52-week high.

Back in 2014, the company shares dropped 3.6% or 194,460. On December 15, 2014, the public saw shares interest fell from 5,436,413 to December 13, 2014 figure of 5,241,953 with 11 covering days. At that same time, updated interest was at 16.3% of stock floats. Average daily volume of the counter was 459.409 shares.


As recently as Friday, JP Morgan Chase and Co. increased Nike’s share from $100 to $110. Presently, JP Morgan is carrying an overweight rating on Nike’s stock. Other companies to pitch in on Wednesday with their ratings are Telsey Advisory Group, Zacks, Deutsche Bank and Oppenheimer. Telsey gave their hold rating of the stock to be $109, which is an increase from $102. Zacks hold rate came as a downgrade of Nike’s shares from one of an outperforming to neutral rating and set the price target to be $102. The Deutsche Bank analysts placed Nike’s shares price target to be at a buying rate of $105 while Oppenheimer went ahead and set the shares under the outperforming level.

Friday’s trading saw Nike up at 0.32% and reaching $96.16. Trading volume stood at 3,379,910 shares. The company’s 52-week low is $69.85 and it carries a $99.76 as its 52-week high. The stock’s 50-day moving average is $95.66 and its 200-day moving average is $87.54. Market cap for Nike organization stands at $83.076 billion and it boasts 28.54 as its price-to-earnings ratio. Nike’s revenue for the quarter is in the range of $7.40 billion.


The stock market might have its up and downs associated with it; yet, it can be the vehicle to accumulate one’s wealth in the end. As stocks continue to advance and decrease, investors may have a difficult time keeping up with the market. Still, those investors that keep up with the market might find that they become much richer in 2015 than when they just started out because of the economic boost the country is enjoying at this time.

The sky is the limit for both investors on the stock market. There can be successes in both markets and investors playing at any levels can enjoy the thrills of victory and not necessarily endure the agony of defeat.

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