Evan Davis of BBC Talks To Warren Buffett

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Oct 26, 2009
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Evan Davis of BBC visited Omaha to interview none other than Warren Buffett . The interview includes questions on the current financial crisis, investment philosophy and his private jet.

Notes On Warren Buffett's Interview On BBC

  • We will do foolish things again, even smart people will do foolish things
  • Its infuriating for people to see their friends lose their jobs, lose their house, and see that no one is going to jail for it
  • Gets good terms on investments because he had money when no one else had it.(Referring to terms on GE & GS investments)
  • The liquidity of stock markets causes people to focus on price action
  • Your doing the right thing, referring to investments, if you focus on the stream of income the asset will produce
  • Warren Buffett believes in a progressive tax on income
  • Considers himself lucky due to the fact he was born at the right place and at the right time

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