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Activist guru increases stake in natural gas producer

Greenlight Capital leader David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio) disclosed earlier this week he upped his stake in CNX Resources Corp. (CNX) by 18.96%.

The well-known activist investor's New York-based firm seeks long-term capital appreciation by taking an approach rooted in emphasizing intrinsic value, investing in companies that have the potential to achieve consistent returns and safeguard capital regardless of market conditions. Einhorn is also known for his short positions, which include Tesla Inc. (TSLA) and Netflix Inc. (NFLX).

According to GuruFocus Real-Time Picks, a Premium feature, Einhorn picked up 1.2 million shares of the Pittsburgh-based company on

280 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2021-01-12 17:52
Einhorn's portfolio is packed full of cheap stocks

The final figures for David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio)'s Greenlight Capital performance in 2018 are out, and they are not good. The hedge fund lost a total of 34.2% net of all fees and expenses for the year, underperforming the S&P 500 by 29.8%.

This performance would have ruined any normal investor, but Einhorn is not normal. He has one of the best performance records on Wall Street, which has undoubtedly saved his reputation.

As Greenlight's year-end 2018 letter to investors notes, since its inception in May 1996, the firm has produced a cumulative return for its investors

261 Views    Rupert Hargreaves    2019-01-24 17:31
Value investor's fund dipped a further 2% in March, its best monthly performance all year

Losses at David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio)’s $7 billion Greenlight Capital totaled 11.8% for the first quarter as the fund dipped a further 2% in March, its best monthly performance all year.

In March, the fund benefited from some relief in its short in Caterpillar (CAT), whose 26% rise in the fourth quarter made it the the worst performing position, Einhorn said on a conference call. The stock declined 4% in March and ultimately dropped 10% year to date. The fund’s second biggest detractor, a short in Continental Resources (CLR), continued to drag, with a 41% rise in

337 Views    Holly LaFon    2018-04-04 18:56
Guru announces top buys from latest portfolio filing

David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio), president of Greenlight Capital, disclosed Wednesday he established 19 positions during fourth-quarter 2017. His top six buys included a position in J.C. Penney Co. Inc. (JCP), a moderately financially distressed retail company.

Einhorn invested in 6,397,990 shares of J.C. Penney for an average price of $3.22. The investor increased his portfolio 0.37% with this transaction.


Company announces eight store closings for the year

According to CNBC, J.C. Penney announced that in order to ensure the company’s locations “offer the best expression” of the brand

424 Views    James Li    2018-02-15 17:29
Apple, low-priced financial sector draw value investor who predicted the financial crisis

Dr. Michael Burry, whose spellbinding all-in bet against the subprime mortgage market reaped a fortune and was made famous in the book and film The Big Short, released his new firm’s first public portfolio in the fourth quarter and showed some unexpected positions.

Burry retired his fund, Scion Capital, in 2008 after his early recognition and short of the subprime lending market that virtually nobody had understood for years proved correct. From 2000 through the crash of 2008, Burry earned his Scion investors 489.34% in returns, according to Vanity Fair. In Scion’s last quarterly letter to investors, Burry explained how

13238 Views    Holly LaFon    2016-03-30 22:22
Southeastern Asset ups Consol stake by 15%

Following a small sale last month, the [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Mason+Hawkins]Mason Hawkins[/url] ([url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Mason+Hawkins]Trades[/url], [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/holdings.php?GuruName=Mason+Hawkins]Portfolio[/url])-led Southeastern Asset Management upped its stake in Consol Energy (CNX) by about 15% Monday, picking up more shares as energy stocks continue to lower.


Consol is an Appalachia-based coal and natural gas company that controls hundreds of thousands of acres in the Marcellus and Utica Shale. The stock is down 76% over the past year and currently trades at $7.45. Southeastern added 6,811,724 shares at $8.57 each and continues to be the largest guru shareholder, with a stake of more than 20%.

Yesterday, Consol

1175 Views    Sheila Dang    2016-01-07 16:40
Due to the heartquake of the sector all are largely undervalued

These are the companies in the coal industry that are trading with the lowest P/E ratio, according to the All-In-One screener by GuruFocus.

Natural Resources Partners LP (NRP) is trading with a P/E ratio of 2.23; according to the DCF calculator the stock has a fair value of $11.51 while it is trading at about $1.76. That means it is trading with a margin of safety of 85%. The price has dropped by 86% during the last 12 months and is now 87.27% below its 52-week high and 9.32% above its 52-week low.

The company is engaged in

1151 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2015-11-09 19:37
Greenlight Capital has taken a significant position in Consol Energy Resources. Why does Einhorn like the stock?

According to a press release from Consol Energy (NYSE:CNX) on June 30 certain funds managed by Greenlight Capital have agreed to purchase 5,000,000 shares of the newly issued CNX Coal Resources LP (NYSE: CNXC) at the IPO price of $15.00 per share in a private placement. The IPO was completed in July with CNX selling a 21.1% stake of CNXC to the public and an additional 21.1% stake to Greenlight Capital in the private placement. Consol Energy continues to own 53.4% of the company and 100% of the General Partner which has a 2% interest.

What is CNX Coal

1451 Views    Jonah Jones, CFA    2015-09-29 18:04

David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio) boosted his stake in Consol Energy Inc. (CNX) by 43.85% on Monday, according to Real Time Picks.

Einhorn’s position after the buy totaled 29,609,565 shares, or 12.9% of the company, from 20,583,070 shares held at the end of the first quarter. He initiated the holding in the third quarter of 2014 and added shares in the following two quarters.

The company’s stock on Monday, the day of Einhorn’s reported purchase, fell to a 52-week low price of $15.47. The stock has declined by 47.2% year to

2247 Views    Holly LaFon    2015-07-24 04:56

David Einhorn (Trades, Portfolio)'s Greenlight Capital has released its second quarter letter to investors. In the letter Einhorn discuss the fund recent performance and go right into his views of Netflix (NFLX). He discuss why he believes that Netflix is massively overvalued and investors are overlooking the company's financial performance. Einhorn seemed a little confused by how Netflix could be up 12% after reported far lower results than Wall Street analysts expected. After discussing his funds' performance and Netflix, he discussed holdings that were down in the second quarter, like Micron Technology (MU) and Consol Energy (CNX).

667 Views    Cody Eustice    2015-07-14 14:23

The Greenlight Capital funds (the “Partnerships”) returned (1.5)%,1 net of fees and expenses, in the second quarter of 2015, bringing the year-to-date net return to (3.3)%. During the second quarter, the S&P 500 index returned 0.3%, bringing the index year-to-date return to 1.2%.

On April 15 after the close, Netflix (NFLX) announced its results for the first quarter and conducted a conference call. NFLX shares had already risen 39% in 2015 and were trading at more than 100x 2016 estimates with analysts expecting adjusted earnings for the quarter of $0.63. NFLX achieved just $0.36. Prior to the call, the June

10541 Views    Canadian Value    2015-07-14 14:21

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