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According to GuruFocus list of 3-year lows, MDU Resources Group Inc (MDU), PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT), CTC Media Inc (CTCM) and Dynex Capital Inc. (DX) have all reached their 3-year lows.

MDU Resources Group Inc reached $20.48

The prices of MDU Resources Group Inc shares have declined to $20.48, which is 45.7% off the 3-year high of $36.05.

MDU Resources Group Inc has a market cap of $3.98 billion; its shares were traded at around $20.48 with a P/E ratio of 13.30 and P/S ratio of 0.84. The dividend yield of MDU Resources Group Inc stocks is

544 Views    Jimmy Xiao    2015-05-11 15:26

Behind the Numbers’ Jeff Middleswart had some interesting comments on mortgage REITs in today’sThursday Thoughts:

Update on Mortgage REITs – In our May 22 issue of Thursday Thoughts we discussed how the Mortgage REIT sector looked very cheap with stocks trading below book value and yields of 10%-12%. The low level of refinancing was no longer causing their portfolios to turn over much, and the average life had already extended out, and the companies have marked them down. Thus, interest rate risk creating average life extension was not a material risk for this sector at the moment.


770 Views    Charles Sizemore    2014-10-10 12:38

Looking through a kaleidoscope of facts about J. Kyle Bass, this guru quickly takes on a colorful and larger-than-life mythos.  Hailing from the big-thinking state of Texas, Bass is often described as a big dreamer with a studious and practical streak.  His career blossomed almost overnight when he reportedly made around a half a billion dollars betting against subprime CDOs in 2007.  Bass comes across as a visionary who asks why not instead of why.  He told CNBC that he likes to reduce email time and cut out the noise by learning about world markets through symbiotic relationships with

888 Views    Sally Jones    2013-12-26 22:44
[url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Kyle+Bass]Kyle Bass[/url] is the founder as well as principal of Hayman Capital Management, a Dallas-based hedge fund. The guru is known for successfully predicting and benefiting from the subprime mortgage crisis as well as for his prediction of the European sovereign-debt crisis and his expectations for Japan’s economic future. Over the past quarter [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Kyle+Bass]Kyle Bass[/url] had a busy quarter, selling out of one company and buying in to eight. As of the close of the third quarter, Bass holds on to 14 stocks valued at $408 million. The following five companies are Bass’ top five portfolio holdings. Of the Bass’s
1439 Views    Monica Wolfe    2013-11-19 17:01
[url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Kyle+Bass]Kyle Bass[/url], the founder of Hayman Advisors, purchased 3,570,000 shares of PennyMac Mortgage Investment Trust (PMT) on Sept. 27, 2013, as reported by [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/gurutrac/real_time_picks.php]GuruFocus Real Time Picks[/url]. The transaction would be valued at around $80.8 million at a closing price of $22.64 the previous day, and give Hayman a 5.2% stake in the company. PennyMac is a mortgage investment trust structured as a real estate investment trust (REIT), with a $1.63 billion market capitalization. The company buys distressed mortgage loans and seeks to keep mortgage holders in their homes through value-adding loan modification programs, special servicing and other activities. In
1265 Views    Holly LaFon    2013-10-01 21:52
[i]In the second quarter of 2013, Guru [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=John+Burbank]John Burbank[/url] sold 50 companies and reduced many more. One of the main themes of his major reductions was about unloading large positions in four chemical companies.[/i][i] [/i] Based in San Francisco, Passport Capital LLC is a global investment firm founded in 2000 by Guru John H. Burbank III. The firm manages approximately $3.1 billion in assets, using a combination of macroeconomic analysis, fundamental research and quantitative tools. Passport Capital’s recently updated portfolio lists 132 stocks, 55 of them new, with a total value of $3.03 billion and a quarter-over-quarter turnover of 34%.
622 Views    Sally Jones    2013-09-02 15:41
According to [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/InsiderBuy.php]GuruFocus Insider Data[/url], these are the largest CEO buys during the past week. The overall trend of CEOs is illustrated in the chart below: [b]MoSys, Inc. (MOSY): President and CEO Leonard Charles Perham Bought 250,000 Shares [/b]President and CEO of MoSys, Inc. (MOSY) Leonard Charles Perham bought 250,000 shares on May 17, 2013 at an average price of $4.24. MoSys, Inc. was incorporated in California in September 1991, and reincorporated in September 2000 in Delaware. Mosys, Inc. has a market cap of $168.2 million; its shares were traded at around $4.24
822 Views    GuruFocus    2013-05-26 22:57
Do you often feel that your dividend income is not high enough and grows too slow? I do. The main reason for this is my low portfolio's dividend yield is around 3 percent pre-tax. I often look for higher-yielding companies with low risk, but I don’t find many stocks. The results are mainly dominated by Altria. A good technical indicator to screen stocks with solid growth is the 52-Week High mark. Stocks that crossed this mark become the focus of mainstream investors, and they normally have a positive momentum. In order to find the best investment opportunities to buy, I
696 Views    Dividend    2012-12-13 15:53
Aswath Damodaran is a professor of finance at NYU Stern. He is the author of several widely used academic and practitioner texts on valuation, corporate finance and investment management and is regarded as an authority on valuation. In Chapter 3 of his book "Investment Fables," he discusses low P/E stocks.He found limitations with the traditional P/E screen. First, there are many different definitions of the P/E ratio. The Forward P/E ratio uses forecasted earnings, while the current P/E and the trailing P/E ratios are calculated using historical earnings. Second, the low P/E reflects investors' perception of higher risk. Lastly, the
712 Views    Mark Lin    2012-11-13 17:08
Stocks at new one-year highs indicate a good health of the company and the future growth perspectives. They are normally highly priced if earnings expectations did not rise. I screened all stocks with positive dividend payments and a low P/E ratios (below 15) that have crossed recently new one-year highs and tried to find some opportunities. [url=http://long-term-investments.blogspot.de/2012/04/dividend-stocks-at-new-52-week-highs.html]Thirteen companies[/url] fulfilled my restrictions of which two have a double-digit yield and four are high yields. Only five of the results are still recommended to buy. [b]Here are my favorite stocks:[/b] [b]National Grid (NGG)[/b] has a market capitalization of $37.84 billion. The company
936 Views    Dividend    2012-04-24 14:18
Sometimes, people only watch the single P/E ratio which measures the price valuation of a company in relation to its earnings. A high P/E is similar to a "don't buy" decision. But high P/E ratios also express the growth of a company. A stock that doubles earnings every three years might be worth paying 20 times earnings for. The price-earnings to growth (PEG) ratio is a figure that solves this problem. However, I’ve tried so screen the market by stocks that look cheap in terms of growth (a PEG ratio below one). In addition, the stocks should have a low
677 Views    Dividend    2012-02-28 15:30
PennyMac Mortgage (NYSE: PMT) is a REIT that invests primarily in residential mortgage loans. The company buys so-called “scratch-and-dent” mortgages, where the homeowner has missed payments, or the mortgage was approved with missing documentation. Many of these mortgages exist in a grey area between sub-prime and prime mortgages, and so there are very few companies willing to take these on and service them. This has allows PMT to purchase large amounts of these mortgages at around 52 cents on the dollar. This discount allows the company to work with homeowners to reduce the interest rates in order to become affordable
658 Views    Frank Voisin    2011-07-08 10:59
Last week’s top five stocks that were bought by their CEOs were News Corp, AOL Inc, Pennymac Mortgage, Two Harbors Investment Corp, and TransSwitch Corp. According to [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/InsiderBuy.php]GuruFocus Insider Data[/url], these are the largest CEO buys during the past week. [b]News Corp. (NWS): Chairman and CEO Keith Rupert Murdoch Bought 2,799,900 Shares[/b] Chairman and CEO of News Corp. (NWS) Keith Rupert Murdoch bought 2,799,900 shares on 02/11/2011 at an average price of $18.73. News Corporation's diversified global operations include the production and distribution of motion pictures and television programming; television, satellite and cable broadcasting; the publication of newspapers, magazines, books;
2383 Views    hyperman299    2011-02-21 02:40
Guru Stocks at 52-Week Lows: GME, COCO, NAVG, SCMRD, PMT
Last week’s top five stocks that reached their 52-week lows were GameStop Corp, Corinthian Colleges Inc, Navigators Group Inc, Sycamore Networks Inc, and Pennymac Mortgage Trust. According to [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/52weeklow.php]GuruFocus updates[/url], these Guru stocks have reached their 52-week lows. Last week’s top two out of favor industries were Banking and Fixed Line Telecommunications industries. 20 banks have reached their 52-week lows, while 27 have reached their 52-week highs, giving the industry a low/high ratio of 0.74. In the Fixed Line Telecommunications industry, 1 stock has reached its 52-week low, while 3 have reached their 52-week highs, giving the industry a low/high
5187 Views    guruek    2010-01-17 19:24

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