New and trying to wrap my head around a long term position in TSM

Sebastian Delaney May 21, 2021
New and trying to wrap my head around a long term position in TSM
seb.delaney May 21, 2021

I currently have a small position but looking to add more but can't seem to come up with buy price with all the current macro economic factors going on. 

Curious how others are playing the semiconductor shortage.

Any toughts?

patlaka2000 Jun 2, 2021

This stock is significantly overvalued. Most of the big semiconductor consumers are already in developing their own manufacturing lines so that they will not be so dependent in the future. My thoughts only.

k.dorestin Sep 22, 2021

I love TSM but I could be bias, as I love tech and I understand that the world revolves around tech. They have a great moat as they are one of the bigger chip makers in this field. I'd love to see a pull back $114 to dive into this one. They went as high $138 earlier this year. Once the chip shortage debacle is out the picture. the value of this company may pick back up tremendously. But these are just my DD and opinion.

Praveen Chawla Sep 22, 2021

I am long time shareholder, but looks expensive here. INTC is a much better bet.

stombs99 Mar 28, 2022

TSMC looks like a good buy right now. Ratios are at one-year lows.

randrew54 Apr 20, 2022

P/E is still too high to buy. I'm waiting for a lower entry point.

Praveen Chawla Apr 20, 2022

Looks like its getting into the buy zone.

sspitzer Jul 11, 2022

I’m looking hard at Intel and MU.

Praveen Chawla Jul 12, 2022

Its come down a lot. Good buy here. Solid financials.

milesdudley162 Jul 25, 2022

i'm a long time holder of TSM, but have been trimming the last couple of years.

A chinese invaision of Taiwan becomes more and more likely, so i think Taiwan based stock

is quite risky.

sspitzer Jul 26, 2022

The potential and what seems likely invasion of Taiwan makes the Chinese stocks un-investable right now. Stocks like BABA and others got dumped by Mohnish, Munger and others.