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Wonder if this will end their dispute with MSB?

Article Comments Cleveland-Cliffs (CLF) to Acquire Canadian Steelmaker Stelco in $2.5 Billion Deal
0 Jul 15, 2024

A sign of things to come for the Mag 7? By Lane Clark of TPP.

Investment Ideas
0 Jul 15, 2024

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Disney is looking interesting from a technical point of view. Stock is trading at

Investment Ideas DIS
0 Jul 15, 2024

I'm buying. I think it'll go up at least $45 in the next 12-16 months per share. Just my own opinion. Thanks

Investment Ideas ON
0 Jul 15, 2024

Great Info and specialized insight charts. Awesome!

Investment Ideas RTX
0 Jul 14, 2024

I initiated a trade on Nike on 28th June, average cost 77$, I have taken quite a chunky position. I note it was added to Gurufocus portfolio during Q1

Investment Ideas NKE
1 Jul 14, 2024

Is this the bottom for ADSK?

General Discussions ADSK
4 Jul 13, 2024

As of July 7th, 2024, the PE ratio is 111, with PEG being 4.25 which are crazy values. Yet GF says the stock is 'significantly undervalued', which seems to me like a bug on GF (also the other metrics of this company are not that great)

Investment Ideas GMED
0 Jul 13, 2024

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has been increasing its stake in Occidental Petroleum, despite a decline in oil prices. The company's stake has no

Investment Ideas OXY
0 Jul 12, 2024

Excellent article

Article Comments Nike Is Still Overvalued Despite Recent Drop
1 Jul 12, 2024

thanks for the informative insight

Article Comments Despite Market Challenges, Tesla Is Poised for Another Growth Phase
0 Jul 12, 2024

This is so good. Prior to GuruFocus I could not find this data, especially in this cohesive form.

General Discussions Sector & Industry Performance
0 Jul 12, 2024

Wouldn't the ex-date be after the pay date on this special div? It is above the 25% level set by special div policy. Would appreciate any reply. SEC t

Article Comments Lufax Holding Ltd's Dividend Analysis
0 Jul 12, 2024

Good stuff!

Article Comments Alibaba: A Potential Value Trap Amid Geopolitical and Competitive Challenges
0 Jul 11, 2024

Great article! NEM happens to be my biggest miner position and I was in red most of time until this year. I'm just glad I didn't get discouraged and s

Article Comments A Slow Recovery for Newmont
1 Jul 11, 2024

Hi Fun, Hope all is well. Thank you for the article on NEM. I do own this one and appreciate the updates. This next quarter should be interesting with

Article Comments A Slow Recovery for Newmont
2 Jul 11, 2024

Thank you for the great article on NEM. Eventually sold off NEM when they decreased the dividend and it didn't move much compared to other gold miners

Article Comments A Slow Recovery for Newmont
1 Jul 11, 2024

I don’t think the business model is broken and for me new weight loss drugs are complimentary to their current offering. These drugs are only affordable to the wealthy who aren’t their main customers. If you read the 10k carefully the 33% drop in sales was primarily due to a similar drop in the number of Coaches they have in their operations. If they can address this issue (lack of coaches) in the next year along with the acquisition of LifeMD to target new customers, this company can continu

Investment Ideas NYSE:MED
3 Jul 11, 2024

December 2022 -Dec 2023 ?

Investment Ideas UL
0 Jul 10, 2024

do I get my gains dividends back?

Article Comments SMART Global's Q3 Results Spark Optimism and Stock Recovery
0 Jul 10, 2024