Artal Group S.A.

Artal Group S.A.
Last update 2023-08-12 118 Stocks (20 new)
Value $3.23 Bil Turnover 50 %
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Artal Group S.A. Profile

Artal Group S.A. is a holding company based out of Luxembourg, Luxembourg. The company was originally established in 1986 and has grown through both organic means and through various mergers and acquisitions. Artal Group S.A. would grow to have locations in France and Belgium on the international scale outside of the founding country and additional offices in Luxembourg as well. The company invests in a wide range of sectors, allocating its assets in both the stocks of companies and taking an active role in finding full ownerships in various food, textile, and, to a somewhat lesser degree, new technology companies. Artal Group S.A. invests most heavily in the consumer staples sector, which alone makes up over a third of the firm’s total asset allocations, and also invests in the health care sector, which makes up over another quarter of the firm’s allocations, consumer discretionary sector, and finance sector, among other sectors such as the information technology sector to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocations. The company holds its allocations for approximately 4.5 quarters on average and holds its top 10 allocations for the same amount of time. Artal Group S.A., in the most recent quarter, has had a turnover rate of approximately 33.3%. The company’s top 10 holdings together make up over three quarters of the firm’s total holdings and includes Blue Buffalo Pet Products Inc., the company’s biggest holding which alone makes up over a third of the firm’s total allocations, Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Weight Watchers International, Inc. Outside of the previously mentioned three top holdings, none of the company’s holdings make up over 3% of the firm’s total allocations. Artal Group S.A. is related to the Invus Group which operates on an international scale. Invus Group has stated that, since its founding in 1985, its source of capital has been through a European family group, which, in turn, is mainly through the Artal investment vehicle.
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