Artemis Investment Management LLP

Artemis Investment Management LLP
Last update 2023-11-09 201 Stocks (32 new)
Value $7.17 Bil Turnover 14 %
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Artemis Investment Management LLP Profile

Artemis Investment Management LLP is an investment management firm based out of London, United Kingdom. The company was originally established by four partners, Mark Tyndall, John Dodd, Derek Stuart and Lindsay Whitelaw who are all still with the company. Artemis Investment Management has grown from its establishment in 1997 and now has an additional location in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. The company would grow independently from its inception until 2002 when a majority stake was acquired by ABN AMRO, which would then be passed on to Fortis. The company would then be bought out by Affiliated Managers Group in 2010 and Artemis Investment Management today is owned jointly by Affiliated Mangers Group and the Artemis Partners with AMG not having an active role in the day to day operations of the company. The company conducts its research both internally and externally, investing in the fixed income, commodities, and public equity markets. Artemis Investment Management conducts its teams through a “collegiate approach,” allowing a more open approach that facilitates the sharing of “each other's experience and knowledge, sharing ideas and insights between teams, specialist units operate with support from the wider business towards a common goal.” The company invests most heavily in the industrials sector, which alone makes up over a quarter of its total asset allocations, and also invests in the consumer discretionary, information technology, finance, and health care sectors, among other sectors to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. Artemis Investment Management holds its allocations an average of just under 3 quarters and, in the most recent quarter, has had a turnover rate of approximately 34.9%. The company is a “dedicated, active investment house,” and “specializes in investment management for both retail and institutional investors across Europe.” Artemis Investment Management currently oversees over $32 billion in total assets under management.
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