Bernard Horn
Bernard Horn | PGVFX
Mutual Fund
Polaris Global Value Fund
Last update 2022-05-16 101 Stocks (5 new)
Value $469.00 Mil Turnover 5 %
Portfolio Report

Bernard Horn Profile

The Polaris team has 150+ years of collective industry expertise, led by Bernard Horn, who has been in investment management since the early 1980s. The Boston-based firm has one of the longest global and international track records of any firm presently in operation and continuously managed by the same individuals.
The Polaris Global Value Fund (PGVFX) is a diversified no-load global mutual fund that attempts to provide above-average returns by investing in companies with potentially strong sustainable free cash flow or undervalued assets.

Bernard Horn Investing Philosophy

Polaris' philosophy is based on two basic beliefs: (i) country and industry factors are important determinants of security prices, and (ii) global market fluctuations produce mispriced stocks. Global markets have proven generally efficient over time, but investor behavior creates volatility that leads to inefficiency somewhere in the world. During these periods, the stock price may not reflect a company's long-term fundamental valuation and/or future cash flows. We seek to buy such undervalued companies worldwide.
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