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Dodge & Cox

Dodge & Cox
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Dodge & Cox Profile

Dodge & Cox was founded in 1930 by Van Duyn Dodge and E. Morris Cox. The firm employs a team research approach in making investment decisions. The investment decisions are made by the Investment Policy Committees, and while the members of these committees may change over time, the firm aims to preserve the continuity of its investing philosophy, research and culture.

Dodge & Cox Investing Philosophy

Dodge & Cox believes that a well-tuned, group decision making process enhances individual thinking and moves the portfolio beyond dependence on any single person. The Dodge & Cox team is guided both in what they buy and what they sell by an ongoing search for superior relative value, steering clear of popular choices that come at a price they would rather not pay. Investing when valuations are low creates greater potential for capital appreciation. They look to be long-term owners of companies whose current valuations don't reflect their long-term earnings and cash-flow prospects.
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