John Hussman

John Hussman

Hussman Strategic Advisors, inc
Last update 2024-02-01 222 Stocks (18 new)
Value $440.00 Mil Turnover 22 %
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John Hussman Profile

Dr. John Hussman is the president and principal shareholder of Hussman Strategic Advisors, the investment advisory firm that manages the Hussman Funds. He is also the president of the Hussman Investment Trust. Dr. Hussman manages the Hussman Strategic Growth Fund, which invests primarily in U.S. stocks, and the Hussman Strategic Total Return Fund, which invests primarily in U.S. Treasury and government agency securities.
Prior to managing the Hussman Funds, Dr. Hussman was a professor of economics and international finance at the University of Michigan. His academic research centers on market efficiency and information economics. Dr. Hussman holds a Ph.D. in economics from Stanford University (1992) and two degrees from Northwestern University: a Master's degree in education and social policy (1985) and a Bachelor's degree in economics (1983).

John Hussman Investing Philosophy

Dr. Hussman looks at two dimensions of information to adjust his willingness to take risk.
The first is valuation. Favorable valuation means that stock prices appear reasonable in view of the stream of earnings, dividends, revenues and cash flows expected in the future.
The second dimension is the quality of market action. Market action considers the behavior of a wide range of securities and industry groups in an attempt to assess the economic outlook of investors and their willingness to accept market risk.
These two dimensions of information make up four basic "Market Climates" associated with various combinations of valuation and market action. In the most favorable Market Climates, Dr. Hussman will typically hold an aggressive allocation to market risk, while in the least favorable Market Climates, he will typically attempt to remove the impact of market fluctuations from the portfolio through hedging (Strategic Growth Fund) or reduction in the average maturity of bond holdings (Strategic Total Return Fund). The most defensive position is a fully hedged position in which the entire value of long positions is hedged.
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