TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors, Inc.

TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors, Inc.
Last update 2022-02-26 52 Stocks (7 new)
Value $10.08 Bil Turnover 5 %
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TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors, Inc. Profile

TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors is a private investment manager that can trace its history back to 1993 and is currently based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company was created as a private investment partnership by Bonderman and Coulter. The company would grow quickly during the early years and record investment returns, including acquisitions of companies such as AT & T Paradyne, Ducati Motorcycles, and Nestlé S.A.'s Wine World Estates, among others. Following the success of previous investments, the company attracted a great deal of assets that enabled it to begin expanding into more global markets, especially in Europe, and increase its investments in the technology sector, including acquisitions of semiconductor and telecommunications companies. TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors is a spinoff company that the TPG company created as it grew. TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors has a current market value of $19.8 billion, a dramatic increase from its valuation of $8 billion less than two years prior. The company focuses most of its investments in the information technology sector, which alone makes up over 40% of its total assets invested, and also invests in the health care, which makes a third of its total allocated assets, consumer discretionary, and finance sectors, among others, in order of decreasing amount allocated. TPG Group Holdings (SBS) Advisors’s top 10 holdings make up over 95% of its total allocated assets and includes Freescale Semiconductor Ltd., which makes up almost all of its holdings in the information technology sector and alone makes up over 40% of its portfolio, IMS Health, and Sabre Corp, among others. The company, although its business operations are autonomous, acts as a subsidiary of TPG Group Holding Corp., which, in turn, operates as a subsidiary of Exopack Holding Corp. which in turn acts as a subsidiary of Coveris High Performance Packaging.
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