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Nasdaq up 23.8% for the year

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 27,433.48 on Friday with a gain of 46.50 points or 0.17%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,351.28 for a gain of 2.12 points or 0.06%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 11,010.98 for a loss of 97.09 points or -0.87%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower at 22.21 for a loss of 0.44 points or -1.94%.

For the week, the Dow Jones gained 2.9%, the S&P 500 gained 1.7% and the Nasdaq gained 1%. For the year, the Nasdaq has a gain of 23.8%, the S&P 500 has a gain of 3.73% and the

57 Views    Julie Young    2020-08-09 20:16
UPS easily beat analyst estimates in the 2nd quarter, but the stock appears to be overvalued

A few months ago, I was attempting to identify undervalued stocks based on the current dividend yield compared to the average yield over a long period of time. One stock that I felt was extremely undervalued using this method was United Parcel Services (UPS).

Shares were trading at $107.50 at that time and provided shareholders with a 3.8% dividend yield. This was 80 basis points higher than the 10-year average yield of 3%. If averaged for an entire year, this would be the highest since at least 2004. As a result, I estimated that UPS was undervalued by 27%.

164 Views    Nathan Parsh    2020-08-07 13:57
Nasdaq gains 0.43%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 26,313.65 on Thursday with a loss of 225.92 points or -0.85%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,246.22 for a loss of 12.22 points or -0.38%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 10,587.81 for a gain of 44.87 points or 0.43%. The VIX Volatility Index was higher at 25.25 for a gain of 1.15 points or 4.77%.

Thursday’s market movers

U.S. indexes closed mostly lower Thursday after gross domestic product was a detractor. Annualized GDP decreased 32% from the first quarter to the second. Initial jobless claims and continuing jobless claims were another detractor, both

41 Views    Julie Young    2020-07-30 20:56
Lower margins countered by higher volumes, especially in cross-border packages

Before the market opened on July 30, United Postal Service (UPS) released its earnings results for the second quarter of 2020.

Both revenue and earnings per share blew past analysts’ estimates, causing the share price to spike nearly 15% throughout the course of the day.


Key numbers

UPS reported revenue of $20.46 billion, representing a 13.4% year-over-year increase, while GAAP earnings per share were up 8.7% to $2.03 compared to the same period of the previous year. Non-GAAP earnings were $2.13. According to analysts surveyed by Refinitiv, Wall Street had been expecting revenue of

121 Views    Margaret Moran    2020-07-30 20:31
Nasdaq gains 0.74%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 26,156.10 on Tuesday with a gain of 131.14 points or 0.50%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,131.29 for a gain of 13.43 points or 0.43%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 10,131.37 for a gain of 74.89 points or 0.74%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower at 31.37 for a loss of 0.40 points or -1.26%.

Tuesday’s market movers

U.S. stocks ended with gains Tuesday. Investors were watching uncertainty over the China trade deal after comments from Trade Advisor Peter Navarro suggested there could be problems. Navarro and President Trump confirmed Tuesday that the

29 Views    Julie Young    2020-06-23 22:08
Nasdaq up 1.43%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 25,763.16 on Monday with a gain of 157.62 points or 0.62%. The S&P 500 closed at 3,066.59 for a gain of 25.28 points or 0.83%. The Nasdaq Composite closed at 9,726.02 for a gain of 137.21 points or 1.43%. The VIX Volatility Index was lower at 34.75 for a loss of 1.34 points or -3.71%.

Monday’s market movers

U.S. indexes ended with gains Monday after starting the day on a down note. Investors were cautious of uncertainties surrounding a resurgence of coronavirus cases in the U.S. and globally. The Food and Drug Administration

57 Views    Julie Young    2020-06-15 21:54
Stocks with strong and consistent earnings growth to weather coronavirus uncertainty

In light of high market uncertainty due to the coronavirus outbreak, five stocks with high business predictability and trading near historical low price-sales ratios are FirstCash Inc. (FCFS), Omnicom Group Inc. (OMC), CVS Health Corp. (CVS), J2 Global Inc. (JCOM) and United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) according to the Historical Low Price-Sales Screener, a GuruFocus Premium value screener.

Fed support for credit markets rescues Dow from deep early lows

On Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 25,763.16, up 157.62 points from Friday’s close of 25,605.54. Stocks erased early losses on the Federal Reserve’s announcement

986 Views    James Li    2020-06-15 21:15
A fast-growing Buffett-Munger stock with a high price tag

It’s a company with a lot of green spread around its financial strength and profitability tables. But the valuation ratio is in the dumps. What is a value investor to think?

ODFL financial strength, profitability and valuation

The company is Old Dominion Freight Lines Inc. (ODFL), one of the biggest trucking companies in the United States. More specifically, it is a less-than-truckload carrier, hauling for customers that don’t have loads big enough to fill a freight-truck trailer.

As such, it competes with companies such as FedEx Freight (FDX) and UPS Freight (UPS). Old Dominion has

452 Views    Robert Abbott    2020-06-12 22:18
The company's yield is much higher than its long-term average. With no dividend cut likely, this could mean the stock offers an opportunity for a strong return

Aside from reviewing a company’s most recent earnings report, one item I like to consider before making an investment is how the current dividend yield compares to the long-term historical average. I often use both the five and 10-year averages to see if shares are over- or undervalued based on the yield. If the company can’t provide earnings per share guidance, then using the dividend yield can be another way to value a stock.

One company that is trading with a dividend yield above both its five and 10-year averages is United Parcel Services Inc. (UPS).

Quarterly highlights

On April

417 Views    Nathan Parsh    2020-06-10 18:54
Details the CEO buys this past week for the following companies: United Parcel Service, B. Riley Financial, OPKO Health and HP Inc

According to GuruFocus Insider Data, these were the largest CEO buys during the past week.

United Parcel Service

United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) CEO Carol B. Tome bought 10,100 shares on May 29 at a price of $99.33. The price of the stock has increased by 7.37% since then.


As the world's largest parcel delivery company, UPS manages a fleet of more than 500 planes and 100,000 vehicles, along with many hundreds of sorting facilities, to deliver an average of about 22 million packages per day to residences and businesses across the globe. UPS'

149 Views    Joy Hu    2020-06-08 13:50
If first-quarter results are any guide, there will be no bonanza

Lately, I’ve been buying more online and having it delivered to my home. Millions and millions of other consumers around the world are doing the same. So these should be banner days for delivery companies such as United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS), right?

And they are—to some extent. The problem for the company is that residential delivery is just part of its business model. While the brown trucks are no doubt making more deliveries to homes, they are not dropping off and picking up parcels at commercial establishments as they did pre-pandemic.

When the company released its first-quarter

384 Views    Robert Abbott    2020-04-30 18:43
Their dividend yield beats that of the S&P 500

The dividend yields of these loyal dividend payers shine on the U.S. market, as they beat dividend yield of the S&P 500 index. The benchmark for the U.S. market offers a dividend yield of 2.12% as of March 11.

United Parcel Service

The first company under consideration is United Parcel Service Inc (UPS).

Shares of the Atlanta, Georgia-based provider of freight and logistics services traded at a price of $87.99 per unit at market close on March 11 for a market capitalization of $75.54 billion.

Based on Wednesday's closing price, United Parcel Service offers a trailing 12-month dividend yield of

123 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2020-03-12 14:44
Chevron, Wells Fargo, United Parcel Service and Altria Group present buying opportunities

Chevron Corp. (CVX), Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC), United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and Altria Group Inc. (MO) have reached their three-year lows.

Chevron declined to $93.34

The price of Chevron shares declined to $93.34 on Feb. 28, which is only 3.5% above the three-year low of $90.11.

Chevron is an American energy corporation that is active in more than 180 countries. The company is one of the successor companies of Standard Oil and focuses on the oil, natural gas and geothermal energy industries.

Chevron has a market cap of $175.42 billion; its shares were traded around $93.34 with a

260 Views    Shuda Xia    2020-03-01 00:39
Grounding of 737 Max has increased the airline's costs

Dealt a heavy blow by the grounding of Boeing’s (BA) 737 Max, Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV) reported that its fourth-quarter profit tumbled 21% before the opening bell on Thursday.

The Dallas-based carrier, which is Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)'s second-largest airline holding, posted net income of $514 million, or 98 cents per share, for the quarter. This was below Refinitiv’s estimates of $1.09. Revenue grew 0.4% from the prior-year quarter to $5.73 billion, topping expectations slightly. Operating revenue per available seat mile, a closely watched metric in the airline industry, increased 1.3% during the quarter.

For the full

153 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-01-23 16:46
Some thoughts on a recent public discussion with management

In November, FedEx Corp. (FDX) CEO and founder Fred Smith and Chief Financial Officer Alan Graf sat down for an interview with Stanley Cates of Southeastern Asset Management (the firm has held shares of FedEx in portfolios since the early 1990s, and it’s currently a 6% weighting in their Partners Fund). As longtime readers know, I’ve been following FedEx closely over the past year, and I thought there were a number of interesting tidbits from the interview. I think it’s fair to group what was said into three buckets: the good, the bad and the ugly. My takeaways

483 Views    The Science of Hitting    2020-01-07 20:03
Amazon looks to rely on its own shipments

Amazon Inc. (AMZN) announced on Sunday that it will disallow its third-party sellers from using the FedEx Corp. (FDX) ground delivery network for managing Prime shipments. The company cited a decline in the performance of FedEx ground service in times when holiday shipments were huge. The ban is slated to start this week.

Bird’s-eye view

Third-party merchants make up more than 50% Amazon’s total goods sold, but neither Amazon nor FedEx mentioned how many shipments would be affected by the restriction. The online retail giant said the decision to temporarily ban FedEx ground for shipment is

57 Views    Mayank Marwah    2019-12-17 16:44
Firms' largest sales of the 3rd quarter

The investment firm Mairs and Power (Trades, Portfolio) sold shares of the following stocks during the third quarter.

United Parcel Service Inc.

During the quarter, the firm trimmed its United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) stake by 44.57%. The portfolio was impacted by -0.50%.


The parcel delivery company has a market cap of $105.31 billion and an enterprise value of $127.26 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 8 out of 10. The return on equity of 127.86% and return on assets of 9.81% are outperforming 88%

67 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-11-19 17:07
You can use this ratio as shorthand for the relative value in a company, but don't depend on it alone

The price-earnings ratio is the second major valuation ratio profiled in Axel Tracy’s book, "Ratio Analysis Fundamentals: How 17 Financial Ratios Can Allow You to Analyse Any Business on the Planet."

The first was earnings per share or EPS. As noted in our digest of that ratio, knowing the EPS is helpful but incomplete knowledge, since it does not factor in the share price. If earnings per share are $1, that would be an excellent return on a $5 stock but a disappointing return on a $20 stock.

That’s where the price-earnings ratio (also called “price multiple” or

125 Views    Robert Abbott    2019-11-11 16:33
UPS falls, Procter & Gamble rises

Shares of United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) fell more than 2% on Tuesday after the company posted third-quarter results. Revenue grew 5% from the prior-year quarter to $18.32 billion, falling $30 million short of expectations. Earnings of $2.07 per share were 6 cents shy of analysts' estimates.Â

“Our results reflect significant progress from our transformation initiatives, and our ability to generate growth and deliver increased efficiencies in a dynamic economic environment,” Chairman and CEO David Abney said.

Consolidated revenue increased 5% to $18.3 billion on the back of strong average daily volume growth in the U.S. Further, total operating

23 Views    Omar Venerio    2019-10-22 19:07
American Express makes the list

According to the GuruFocus All-In-One Screener as of Wednesday, the following companies look cheap since they are trading with low price-sales ratios.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD) is trading around $56.20 per share with a price-sales ratio of 3.36 and a price-earnings ratio of 11.81.


The Canadian bank has a market cap of $103.13 billion. The stock has risen at an annualized rate of 25.96% over the past decade.

The discounted cash flow calculator gives the stock a fair value of $76.08, suggesting it is undervalued with a 13% margin of safety. The Peter Lynch

140 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-10-17 19:38

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