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Vectus Biosystems (ASX:VBS) Common Stock : A$38.37 Mil (As of Dec. 2023)

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What is Vectus Biosystems Common Stock?

Vectus Biosystems's quarterly common stock increased from Dec. 2022 (A$37.57 Mil) to Jun. 2023 (A$38.35 Mil) and increased from Jun. 2023 (A$38.35 Mil) to Dec. 2023 (A$38.37 Mil).

Vectus Biosystems's annual common stock increased from Jun. 2021 (A$24.84 Mil) to Jun. 2022 (A$27.30 Mil) and increased from Jun. 2022 (A$27.30 Mil) to Jun. 2023 (A$38.35 Mil).

Vectus Biosystems Common Stock Historical Data

The historical data trend for Vectus Biosystems's Common Stock can be seen below:

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Vectus Biosystems Common Stock Chart

Vectus Biosystems Annual Data
Trend Jun16 Jun17 Jun18 Jun19 Jun20 Jun21 Jun22 Jun23
Common Stock
Get a 7-Day Free Trial 17.60 17.86 24.84 27.30 38.35

Vectus Biosystems Semi-Annual Data
Jun16 Dec16 Jun17 Dec17 Jun18 Dec18 Jun19 Dec19 Jun20 Dec20 Jun21 Dec21 Jun22 Dec22 Jun23 Dec23
Common Stock Get a 7-Day Free Trial Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only 25.32 27.30 37.57 38.35 38.37

Vectus Biosystems Common Stock Calculation

Common stock is listed on the Balance Sheet at the par value of the total shares outstanding of a company.

The par value of common stocks is meaningless. It is usually set at an absurdly low number.

Vectus Biosystems (ASX:VBS) Business Description

Traded in Other Exchanges
3-11 Primrose Avenue, Rosebery, Sydney, NSW, AUS, 2018
Vectus Biosystems Ltd is an emerging biotechnology company based in Sydney, Australia. The company is in the process of developing a treatment for fibrosis and high blood pressure, which includes heart, kidney, and liver diseases. The company has also developed a technology aimed at improving the speed and accuracy of measuring the amount of DNA and RNA in samples tested in laboratories.

Vectus Biosystems (ASX:VBS) Headlines

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