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ADN Telecom (DHA:ADNTEL) EPS (Diluted) : BDT (TTM As of . 20)

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What is ADN Telecom EPS (Diluted)?

ADN Telecom's Earnings per Share (Diluted) for the six months ended in . 20 was BDT0.00.

ADN Telecom's EPS (Basic) for the six months ended in . 20 was BDT0.00.

ADN Telecom's EPS without NRI for the six months ended in . 20 was BDT0.00.

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ADN Telecom EPS (Diluted) Historical Data

The historical data trend for ADN Telecom's EPS (Diluted) can be seen below:

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ADN Telecom EPS (Diluted) Chart

ADN Telecom Annual Data
EPS (Diluted)

ADN Telecom Semi-Annual Data
EPS (Diluted)

Competitive Comparison of ADN Telecom's EPS (Diluted)

For the Telecom Services subindustry, ADN Telecom's PE Ratio, along with its competitors' market caps and PE Ratio data, can be viewed below:

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ADN Telecom's PE Ratio Distribution in the Telecommunication Services Industry

For the Telecommunication Services industry and Communication Services sector, ADN Telecom's PE Ratio distribution charts can be found below:

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ADN Telecom EPS (Diluted) Calculation

EPS (Diluted) is a rough measurement of the amount of a company's profit that can be allocated to one share of its stock. Diluted EPS takes into account all of the outstanding dilutive securities that could potentially be exercised (such as stock options and convertible preferred stock) and shows how such an action would impact earnings per share.

ADN Telecom's Diluted EPS for the fiscal year that ended in . 20 is calculated as

Diluted EPS (A: . 20 ) = (Net Income - Preferred Dividends) / Shares Outstanding (Diluted Average)

ADN Telecom's Diluted EPS for the quarter that ended in . 20 is calculated as

ADN Telecom  (DHA:ADNTEL) EPS (Diluted) Explanation

EPS is the single most important variable used by Wall Street in determining the earnings power of a company. But investors need to be aware that Earnings per Share can be easily manipulated by adjusting depreciation and amortization rate or non-recurring items. That's why GuruFocus lists EPS without NRI, which better reflects the company's underlying performance.

Be Aware

Compared with Earnings per share, a company's cash flow is better indicator of the company's earnings power.

If a company's earnings per share is less than cash flow per share over long term, investors need to be cautious and find out why.

ADN Telecom EPS (Diluted) Related Terms

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ADN Telecom (DHA:ADNTEL) Business Description

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17, Mohakhali Commercial Area, Red Crescent Concord Tower (19th Floor), Dhaka, BGD, 1212
ADN Telecom Ltd is a ISP, MPLS, IPLC, and IP Telephony service provider in Bangladesh. The company owns a diverse access network across the whole country through wireless, fiber, and satellite infrastructure. It offers internet services, global multi protocol level switching, international private leased circuit, domestic multi protocol level switching, satellite based services, IP telephony, video conferencing, data center services, and managed services.

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