fuqiang zhang May 20, 2021
AAPL - https://www.gurufocus.com/stock/US01WD
david.abraham.4 Aug 23, 2022


While this is a broad question, what are your go-to metrics/ratios to evaluate debt and if it can be managed by a company? What else gets taken into consideration?

I have recently been looking at Carsales (CAR) which is listed on the ASX, but noticed that it carries quite a bit of debt and need some help analysing its debt load.

James Li Aug 17, 2023


Key ratios like interest coverage can help determine if a stock can meet its interest obligations:
Apple (AAPL) Interest Coverage (gurufocus.com)

Praveen Chawla Aug 18, 2023

The Financial Strength metrics for Carsales look quite good. Equity to Asset, Debt to Equity ratio's are healthy. Altman score (risk of bankruptcy) is very good. Overall does not look like there is much to worry about given the growth profile of this company.