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Starting position in GFGF

General Discussions GFGF
4 Jun 17, 2022

Im not an expert in tools industry, do you guys think snap-on has a competitive advantage?

Investment Ideas SNA
3 Jun 16, 2022

FED releases the hound to tame inflation

General Discussions
0 Jun 16, 2022

With the problems with new car production, don't you all agree that parts sales are going to go up as cars age? or will the cutback in commuting kill that growth? thoughts?

Investment Ideas ORLY
4 Jun 13, 2022

Real Food prices rise to all time high

General Discussions
2 Jun 13, 2022

NVAX bad performance

Investment Ideas NVAX
3 Jun 11, 2022

I am writing a report for Corporate valuation of P&G- in your opinions is it a hold?buy?

General Discussions PG
7 Jun 9, 2022

is it too late to buy slb?

Investment Ideas SLB
4 Jun 3, 2022

Is CI undervalued in your opinion?

General Discussions CI
3 Jun 3, 2022

Where do you think c3 is going?

General Discussions AI
1 Jun 1, 2022

citigroup gave it a target of 170 , are they out of their mind ?

Investment Ideas PLTR
5 May 30, 2022


Investment Ideas SNAP
1 May 24, 2022

This is a BRK.B holding. It's turned neg on the year. Nearing the 0% Fib level. Time to buy?

General Discussions BMY
3 May 23, 2022

How should I value a publicly traded trust fund?

General Discussions MSB
1 May 23, 2022

I would buy ATHM, are you?

Investment Ideas ATHM
13 May 22, 2022

Twitter has Elon Musk over a barrel

Investment Ideas TSLATWTR
1 May 21, 2022

sold dks -- guessing it will get hammered in rate hike ? Thoughts

Investment Ideas DKS
8 May 20, 2022

I don't like retail stocks but the fundamentals are good. I sold puts on this company and might just do it again.

Investment Ideas ZUMZ
4 May 19, 2022

Himax Technologies Inc

Investment Ideas HIMX
3 May 18, 2022

SWBI Opinions?

Investment Ideas SWBI
3 May 18, 2022