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SolarEdge Technologies (NAS:SEDG) GF Value Rank

: 2 (As of Today)
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SolarEdge Technologies has the GF Value Rank of 2.

The GF Value Rank is determined by the price-to-GF-Value (P/GF Value) ratio, a proprietary metric calculated based on historical multiples along with an adjustment factor based on a company's past returns and growth and future estimates of the business' performance.

GuruFocus found that for valuation, we cannot simply give stocks a better GF Value rank simply because they have a lower P/GF Value ratio. Backtesting shows that over the long term, the two worst-performing groups are the most expensive group (with the highest P/GF Value ratio) and the least expensive group (with the lowest P/GF Value ratio).

We can understand why the most expensive group underperforms. We were initially puzzled by the underperformance of the least expensive group, but we realized there is a reason why some stocks are super cheap. If they look too undervalued, it is often because the businesses behind them are poor quality. The market realized this and gave them low valuations. In a way, the market is efficient.

After multiple backtesting analyses, we granted the stocks in third-cheapest percentile the highest GF Value rank, as they have performed the best over a full market cycle. Stock performance is actually not as sensitive to valuation as it is to growth and profitability. On average, the companies in the 20%-50% valuation groups have similar performances. Therefore, we should avoid the most expensive and the least expensive stocks. We can be more tolerant of valuation.

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Competitive Comparison

For the Solar subindustry, SolarEdge Technologies's GF Value Rank, along with its competitors' market caps and GF Value Rank data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.

SolarEdge Technologies GF Value Rank Distribution

For the Semiconductors industry and Technology sector, SolarEdge Technologies's GF Value Rank distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where SolarEdge Technologies's GF Value Rank falls into.

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SolarEdge Technologies (NAS:SEDG) Business Description

1 HaMada Street, Post Box 12001, Herziliya Pituach, ISR, 4673335
SolarEdge Technologies designs, develops, and sells direct current optimized inverter systems for solar photovoltaic installations. The company system consists of power optimizers, inverters, and cloud-based monitoring platform and addresses a broad range of solar market segments, from residential solar installations to commercial and small utility-scale solar installations. The company sells its products directly to solar installers, engineering, procurement, and construction firms and indirectly to solar installers through distributors and electrical equipment wholesalers. Additionally, the company has nonsolar products targeting energy storage and e-mobility.
Marcel Gani director 142 ALMENDRAL AVE, ATHERTON CA 94027
More Avery director 5930 ROYAL LANE SUITE E-120, DALLAS TX 75230
Ronen Faier officer: Chief Financial Officer MARVA 11, HERZLIA L3 46417
Dana Rebecca Gross director C/O PLAYTIKA LTD., HACHOSHLIM ST 8, HERZLIYA PITUARCH L3 4672408
Meir Adest officer: VP, Core Technologies 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Uri Bechor officer: Chief Operating Officer 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Zvi Lando officer: Vice President, Global Sales 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Rachel Prishkolnik officer: VP, GC and Corporate Secretary 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Dirk Hoke director 251 RHODE ISLAND STREET, SUITE 204, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94103
Yoav Galin officer: VP, Research and Development 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Tal Payne director 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335
Betsy S Atkins director
Jonathan Cheifetz director 9 EIN YAKOV ST., TEL AVIV L3 65155
Lior Handelsman officer: VP, Marktng and Prod Strategy 1 HAMADA STREET, HERZILIYA PITUACH L3 4673335

SolarEdge Technologies (NAS:SEDG) Headlines

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