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Creating Customized Fields

How to add user-defined fields to the 30-year financials page

GuruFocus users can create customized fields within the 30-year financials page.

In addition to the default fields, you can also create your own fields to see other financial data. Access the Customized Fields table by clicking the “Customized Fields” button on the navigation bar. It will direct you to the customized fields table.


In this table, you will see all your own customized fields’ data for the past 15 years. If you want to create a new field, you can click the “Add Customized Field” button.


When the customized field dialog pops up, you can enter your own formula, name it and click “Save New Indicator.” Please note that boolean expressions are not supported in the financial page, though the All-In-One screener does support them.


After the new field is created, it will show up in the table. To edit the field itself, just click it and the edit dialog will pop up. To change the order of the fields or delete any fields, click the edit icon in the upper left-hand corner to enter edit mode.


In edit mode, you can reorganize the order of the fields by dragging them up or down. To delete the field, click the red X. After you finish editing, click the “Save” button to update.


If you are interested in trying the Customized Fields feature, sign up for a free 7-day trial.

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