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Operating data includes same-store sales and revenue passenger miles

The "operating data" section in GuruFocus' 30-year financials pages allows users to study industry-specfic measures like product sales for consumer electonic companies and revenue passenger miles for airline companies.

To access a company's 30-year financials page, enter the company's ticker or company name in the GuruFocus search bar and then click on the "30-year financials" item on the drop-down menu. Figure 1 illustrates this for Apple Inc. (AAPL).


Figure 1

Examples of operating data

Operating data refers to specific data points like same-store sales, number of stores, sales per square feet and lease obligations. The above data points apply to retail companies like Walmart Inc. (WMT) and Target Corp. (TGT).

Figure 2A illustrates a sample "operating data" section for Walmart while Figure 2B illustrates a chart showing Walmart's number of stores each quarter over the past five years.


Figure 2A


Figure 2B

The operating data for one industry differs from that of different industries. For example, banks like Bank of America Corp. (BAC) have ratios like the Capital Tier 1 ratio, efficiency ratio and the net charge off ratio, as Figure 3 illustrates.


Figure 3

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Operating data allows users to retrieve revenue passenger miles data for airlines, like American Airlines Inc. (AAL), United Airlines Holdings Inc. (UAL), Delta Air Lines Inc. (DAL) and Southwest Airlines Co. (LUV). Figure 4 illustrates a sample chart for American's revenue passenger miles.


Figure 4

GuruFocus Premium members can view and download up to 30 years of historical financial data and over three to five years of historical operating data.

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