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Direct 10-Q and 10-K Links

Users can now directly view the source filing for a specific datapoint

GuruFocus is proud to announce that users can now directly view the source 10-K and 10-Q filings for specific datapoints on the 30-year financials page.

The latest version of the 30-year financials page allows users to easily click the links provided in the tooltip to read the source filings from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Annual data

Figure 1 illustrates a sample tooltip for annual data using Apple Inc. (AAPL).


Figure 1

The tooltip provides links to both the original filing and the restated filing. Click on the link to view the SEC Edgar filings for the said period.

The original filing date gives the date that the data was first reported to the SEC, while the restated filing date gives the date in which the data was most-recently restated. For example, the September 2018 data was originally reported in November 2018, though the company restated its fiscal 2018 data in the 2020 10-K filing.

Quarterly data

Figure 2 illustrates a sample tooltip for the quarterly data.


Figure 2

Like the tooltip used for the annual data, the tooltip used for the quarterly data allows users to click on the links to the original 10-Q filing and the restated 10-Q filing.

Useful applications

The source filings include a “Management Discussion & Analysis” section in which company management discusses annual and quarterly results and operations. Users can read the story behind key inflection points in the financial data.

Figure 3 illustrates an example for Tesla Inc. (TSLA). The electric vehicle giant reported positive net income in 2020, following several years of net losses.


Figure 4

The source filing tooltip also warns users if filing data is not available for a specific company. The feature currently works only for companies that file 10-K and 10-Q reports: non-U.S. companies and ADRs are currently not supported.

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