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Skillz (Skillz) Risk Assessment

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What is Skillz Risk Assessment?

Risk Assessment represents the investment risk of a stock derived from our exclusive method. It suggests how risky the investment opportunity is based on the valuation and the fundamental performance of the stock. It is derived from following key aspects:

1. GuruFocus internally developed valuations of the stock, such as GF valuation.
2. Quality Rank, a business quality indicator developed by GuruFocus.
3. Fundamental performance: Piotroski F-Score, Altman Z-Score, Beneish M-Score, etc.
4. Growth opportunities: 5-year revenue growth rate, 5-Year EPS without NRI Growth Rate, etc.

Value investors are always willing to find undervalued stocks. However, not all the undervalued stocks are good deals, we should also be careful of how risky the investment opportunity is. We believe that if the company's financial strength and profitability are strong, and the stock price is within a reasonable range of the GF valuation, or stock has a high return with its price being undervalued, then it might be a good investment opportunity with low risk.

Based on those aspects listed above, GuruFocus believes the risk assessment of Skillz is: High Risk: High uncertainty with risk-return tradeoff.

Competitive Comparison of Skillz's Risk Assessment

For the Electronic Gaming & Multimedia subindustry, Skillz's Risk Assessment, along with its competitors' market caps and Risk Assessment data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.

Skillz's Risk Assessment Distribution in the Interactive Media Industry

For the Interactive Media industry and Communication Services sector, Skillz's Risk Assessment distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where Skillz's Risk Assessment falls into.

Skillz  (NYSE:SKLZ) Risk Assessment Explanation

Based on the four aspects listed above, GuruFocus provides the following 7 evaluations:

All-in-One Screener Examples (1)
Low Risk: Strong fundamentals, worth long-term holding
Moderate Risk: Sensitive, better choose undervalued stock
High Risk: High uncertainty with risk-return tradeoff
High Risk: Good fundamentals, beware of shrinking business
High Risk: Sensitive to economic or industry trends
High Risk: High uncertainty
No Data: Cannot be evaluated

(1) These are some simple examples. You can access our Risk Assessment filter under All-in-One Screener’s Fundamental tab and set your own criteria.

Skillz Risk Assessment Related Terms

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Skillz (Skillz) Business Description

Traded in Other Exchanges
P.O. Box 445, San francisco, CA, USA, 94104
Skillz Inc is a mobile game development company. It is engaged in re-inventing competitive mobile gaming and thereby expanding the mobile gaming market.
Jason Roswig officer: President & CFO PO BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Andrew Paradise director, officer: Chief Executive Officer SKILLZ INC., C/O CHARLOTTE EDELMAN, P.O. BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104-0445
Andrew Dahlinghaus officer: General Counsel P.O. BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Kevin Chessen director 1061 MARKET STREET, 6TH FLOOR, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94103
Elly Ryu officer: Controller/Head of Accounting 245 FIRST STREET, SUITE 1800, CAMBRIDGE MA 02142
Alvin Lobo officer: Chief Financial Officer P.O. BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Alexander Mandel director 1061 MARKET STREET, 6TH FLOOR, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94103
Stanley Mbugua officer: Chief Accounting Officer SKILLZ INC, PO BOX 455, SAN FRAN CA 94104
Seth Schorr director PO BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Henry M. Hoffman director PO BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Shari Glazer director PO BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104
Harry Sloan director, 10 percent owner, officer: CEO, Chairman 1450 2ND STREET, SUITE 247, SANTA MONICA CA 90401
Jerome Leon Bruckheimer director PHILPOTT MEEKS, 10030 VENTURA BOULEVARD, SUITE 380, ENCINO CA 91436
Christopher S Gaffney director C/O GREAT HILL PARTNERS, L.P., 200 CLARENDON STREET, 29TH FLOOR, BOSTON MA 02116
Casey Chafkin director, officer: Chief Revenue Officer SKILLZ INC., C/O CHARLOTTE EDELMAN, P.O. BOX 445, SAN FRANCISCO CA 94104-0445