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NovoCure (NovoCure) Shiller PE Ratio : (As of May. 24, 2024)

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What is NovoCure Shiller PE Ratio?

Shiller PE for Stocks: The True Measure of Stock Valuation

NovoCure Shiller PE Ratio Historical Data

The historical data trend for NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio can be seen below:

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NovoCure Shiller PE Ratio Chart

NovoCure Annual Data
Trend Dec14 Dec15 Dec16 Dec17 Dec18 Dec19 Dec20 Dec21 Dec22 Dec23
Shiller PE Ratio
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NovoCure Quarterly Data
Jun19 Sep19 Dec19 Mar20 Jun20 Sep20 Dec20 Mar21 Jun21 Sep21 Dec21 Mar22 Jun22 Sep22 Dec22 Mar23 Jun23 Sep23 Dec23 Mar24
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Competitive Comparison of NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio

For the Medical Devices subindustry, NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio, along with its competitors' market caps and Shiller PE Ratio data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.

NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio Distribution in the Medical Devices & Instruments Industry

For the Medical Devices & Instruments industry and Healthcare sector, NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where NovoCure's Shiller PE Ratio falls into.

NovoCure Shiller PE Ratio Calculation

For Shiller PE Ratio, the earnings of the past 10 years are inflation-adjusted and averaged. The result is used for P/E calculation. Since it looks at the average over the last 10 years, the Shiller PE Ratio is also called PE10.

The Shiller PE Ratio was first used by professor Robert Shiller to measure the valuation of the overall market. The same calculation is applied here to individual companies.

NovoCure's E10 for the quarter that ended in Mar. 2024 is calculated as:

For example, NovoCure's adjusted earnings per share data for the three months ended in Mar. 2024 was:

Adj_EPS=Earnings per Share (Diluted)/CPI of Mar. 2024 (Change)*Current CPI (Mar. 2024)

Current CPI (Mar. 2024) = 131.7762.

NovoCure Quarterly Data

Earnings per Share (Diluted) CPI Adj_EPS
201406 0.000 100.560 0.000
201409 -0.254 100.428 -0.333
201412 -0.318 99.070 -0.423
201503 -0.323 99.621 -0.427
201506 -0.355 100.684 -0.465
201509 -0.315 100.392 -0.413
201512 -0.393 99.792 -0.519
201603 -0.420 100.470 -0.551
201606 -0.480 101.688 -0.622
201609 -0.390 101.861 -0.505
201612 -0.260 101.863 -0.336
201703 -0.210 102.862 -0.269
201706 -0.240 103.349 -0.306
201709 -0.130 104.136 -0.165
201712 -0.120 104.011 -0.152
201803 -0.230 105.290 -0.288
201806 -0.170 106.317 -0.211
201809 -0.130 106.507 -0.161
201812 -0.170 105.998 -0.211
201903 -0.130 107.251 -0.160
201906 -0.010 108.070 -0.012
201909 0.020 108.329 0.024
201912 0.040 108.420 0.049
202003 0.040 108.902 0.048
202006 0.020 108.767 0.024
202009 0.090 109.815 0.108
202012 0.040 109.897 0.048
202103 -0.040 111.754 -0.047
202106 -0.140 114.631 -0.161
202109 -0.130 115.734 -0.148
202112 -0.250 117.630 -0.280
202203 -0.040 121.301 -0.043
202206 -0.230 125.017 -0.242
202209 -0.250 125.227 -0.263
202212 -0.360 125.222 -0.379
202303 -0.500 127.348 -0.517
202306 -0.540 128.729 -0.553
202309 -0.460 129.860 -0.467
202312 -0.450 129.419 -0.458
202403 -0.360 131.776 -0.360

Add all the adjusted EPS together and divide 10 will get our E10.

Please note that we use the CPI data of the country/region where the company is headquartered. If the CPI data for that country/region is not available, then we will use the CPI data of the United States as default.

NovoCure  (NAS:NVCR) Shiller PE Ratio Explanation

Compared with the regular PE Ratio, which works poorly for cyclical businesses, the Shiller PE Ratio smoothed out the fluctuations of profit margins during business cycles. Therefore it is more accurate in reflecting the valuation of the company.

If a company has consistent business performance, the Shiller PE Ratio should give similar results to regular PE Ratio.

Compared with the PS Ratio, the Shiller PE Ratio makes the comparison between different industries more meaningful.

Be Aware

Shiller PE Ratio assumes that over the long term, businesses and profitability revert to their means. If a company's business model does not work in the future compared with the past, Shiller PE Ratio and PS Ratio will give false valuations.

NovoCure Shiller PE Ratio Related Terms

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NovoCure (NovoCure) Business Description

Traded in Other Exchanges
Grenville Street, No. 4 The Forum, Second Floor, St. Helier, JEY, JE2 4UF
NovoCure Ltd serves in the healthcare sector of the United States. Its business involves the development, manufacture and commercialization of Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) devices, including Optune and Optune Lua, for the treatment of solid tumor cancers. Its pipeline consists of Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer, and Brain Metastasis. Products are comprised of two main components: electric field generator and arrays and related accessories. NovoCure derives its major revenues in the United States.
Pritesh Shah officer: Chief Commercial Officer C/O NOVOCURE INC., 20 VALLEY STREAM PARKWAY, SUITE 300, MALVERN PA 19355
Michal Nath Puri officer: Chief Human Resources Officer BUSINESS VILLAGE D4, PARK 6/PLATZ10, ROOT V8 6039
Wilhelmus Cm Groenhuysen officer: Chief Financial Officer C/O NAVTEQ CORPORATION, 222 MERCHANDISE MART STE 900, CHICAGO IL 60654
Ashley Cordova officer: Chief Financial Officer 20 VALLEY STREAM PARKWAY,, SUITE 300, MALVERN PA 19355
Arye Barak Ben officer: General Counsel TOPAZ BUILDING, 4TH FLOOR, MATAM CENTER, PO BOX 15022, SH'AR HACARMEL, HAIFA L3 31905
Timothy J Scannell director 2825 AIRVIEW BOULEVARD, KALAMAZOO MI 49002
Kristin Stafford director 1550 LIBERTY RIDGE DRIVE, SUITE 115, WAYNE PA 19087
Frank X Leonard officer: President, CNS Cancers US 20 VALLEY STREAM PARKWAY,, SUITE 300, MALVERN PA 19355
William Patrick Burke officer: Chief Human Resources Officer 195 COMMERCE WAY, PORTSMOUTH NH 03801
Uri Weinberg officer: Chief Innovation Officer NOVOCURE INC., 20 VALLEY STREAM PARKWAY, SUITE 300, MALVERN PA 19355
Allyson J Ocean director 1550 LIBERTY RIDGE DRIVE, SUITE 115, WAYNE PA 19087
Asaf Danziger director, officer: Chief Executive Officer 5 NACHUM CHAT ST., TIRAT HACARMEL L3 5112302
Ely Benaim officer: Chief Medical Officer C/O REXAHN PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., 15245 SHADY GROVE ROAD, SUITE 455, ROCKVILLE MD 20850
William F Doyle director, 10 percent owner
Jeryl L Hilleman director C/O INTERSECT ENT, INC., 1555 ADAMS DRIVE, MENLO PARK CA 94025