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Holland Colours (XAMS:HOLCO) 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % : 4.63 (As of Jul. 15, 2024)

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What is Holland Colours 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %?

Holland Colours's yield on cost for the quarter that ended in Mar. 2024 was 4.63.

The historical rank and industry rank for Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % or its related term are showing as below:

XAMS:HOLCO' s 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Range Over the Past 10 Years
Min: 2.99   Med: 4.97   Max: 9.17
Current: 4.63

During the past 13 years, Holland Colours's highest Yield on Cost was 9.17. The lowest was 2.99. And the median was 4.97.

XAMS:HOLCO's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % is ranked better than
75.55% of 1084 companies
in the Chemicals industry
Industry Median: 2.205 vs XAMS:HOLCO: 4.63

Competitive Comparison of Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %

For the Specialty Chemicals subindustry, Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %, along with its competitors' market caps and 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.

Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Distribution in the Chemicals Industry

For the Chemicals industry and Basic Materials sector, Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where Holland Colours's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % falls into.

Holland Colours 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Calculation

Dividend Yield % and dividend growth of a stock is an important factor for income investors. But if company A raises its dividend constantly faster than company B, company A's future dividend yield might be much higher than Company B's even if their yields are the same now and their stock prices do not change.

Yield on Cost assumes that you buy and the stock today, and hold it for 5 years. If the company raises it dividends at the same rate as it did over the past 5 years, the dividends investors receive annually in 5 years relative to the stock price today.

Therefore, Yield-on-Cost of Holland Colours is calculated as

Yield-on-Cost=Dividend Yield %*(1+Dividend Growth Rate)^5

Holland Colours  (XAMS:HOLCO) 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Explanation

Of course the risk here is that the company may not raise its dividends as it did before. The key is to select the companies that can consistently raise its dividends. Usually companies with long history of raising dividends tend to do so.

Holland Colours 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Related Terms

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Holland Colours (XAMS:HOLCO) Business Description

Traded in Other Exchanges
Halvemaanweg 1, P.O. Box 720, Apeldoorn, GE, NLD, 7323 RW
Holland Colours creates and manufactures high-quality solid and liquid colorants, masterbatches, and additives. The company and its subsidiaries manufacture, distribute, and sell color concentrates. Its products are designed to be well suited for coloring rigid and flexible polyvinyl chloride, pet, polyolefins, and other polymers. The company serves many different markets which include building and construction but is not limited to, profiles, pipes, siding, and cladding. In addition, to serving these markets, it also offers color concentrates for coatings, elastomers, adhesives, and other applications. The company operates geographically across Europe, the United States of America, and Asia.

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