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Aflac (NYSE:AFL) 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %

: 4.43 (As of Today)
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Aflac's yield on cost for the quarter that ended in Dec. 2022 was 4.43.

The historical rank and industry rank for Aflac's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % or its related term are showing as below:

AFL' s 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Range Over the Past 10 Years
Min: 3.21   Med: 4   Max: 7.03
Current: 4.43

During the past 13 years, Aflac's highest Yield on Cost was 7.03. The lowest was 3.21. And the median was 4.00.

AFL's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % is ranked better than
52.61% of 403 companies
in the Insurance industry
Industry Median: 4.18 vs AFL: 4.43

Competitive Comparison

For the Insurance - Life subindustry, Aflac's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %, along with its competitors' market caps and 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.


Aflac 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Distribution

For the Insurance industry and Financial Services sector, Aflac's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where Aflac's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % falls in comparison to its industry or sector. The grey bar indicates the 5-Year Yield-on-Cost %'s extreme value range as defined by GuruFocus.

Aflac 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Calculation

Dividend Yield % and dividend growth of a stock is an important factor for income investors. But if company A raises its dividend constantly faster than company B, company A's future dividend yield might be much higher than Company B's even if their yields are the same now and their stock prices do not change.

Yield on Cost assumes that you buy and the stock today, and hold it for 5 years. If the company raises it dividends at the same rate as it did over the past 5 years, the dividends investors receive annually in 5 years relative to the stock price today.

Therefore, Yield-on-Cost of Aflac is calculated as

Yield-on-Cost=Dividend Yield %*(1+Dividend Growth Rate)^5

Aflac  (NYSE:AFL) 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Explanation

Of course the risk here is that the company may not raise its dividends as it did before. The key is to select the companies that can consistently raise its dividends. Usually companies with long history of raising dividends tend to do so.

Aflac 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Related Terms

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Aflac (NYSE:AFL) Business Description

Aflac logo
Traded in Other Exchanges
1932 Wynnton Road, Columbus, GA, USA, 31999
Aflac Inc offers supplemental health insurance and life insurance in the two largest insurance markets in the world, the U.S. and Japan. In addition to its cancer policies, the company has broadened its product offerings to include accidents, disability, and long-term-care insurance. It markets its products through independent distributors, selling most of its policies directly to consumers at their places of work.
Virgil Raynard Miller officer: President, Aflac U.S. 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Bradley Eugene Dyslin officer: Executive Vice President 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Arthur Reginald Collins director 3911 LORCOM LANE, ARLINGTON VA 22207
Nobuchika Mori director 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Georgette D. Kiser director 1001 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, NW, WASHINGTON DC 20004-2505
Steven Kent Beaver officer: SVP, CFO, Aflac US 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Richard Jr Williams officer: Executive V.P. 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Albert Riggieri officer: SVP, Corporate Actuary 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Katherine Rohrer director 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Masatoshi Koide officer: Deputy President, Aflac Japan 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Max Broden officer: Senior Vice President 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Karole Lloyd director 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Toshihiko Fukuzawa director 1932 WYNNTON RD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
James Todd Daniels officer: Sr. Vice President 1932 WYNNTON ROAD, COLUMBUS GA 31999
Frederick John Crawford officer: EVP, Chief Financial Officer AFLAC INCORPORATED, COLUMBUS GA 31999

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