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Cisco Systems (XSGO:CSCO) Other Current Assets

: $4,682 Mil (As of Apr. 2023)
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Cisco Systems's other current assets for the quarter that ended in Apr. 2023 was $4,682 Mil.

Cisco Systems's quarterly other current assets declined from Oct. 2022 ($4,571 Mil) to Jan. 2023 ($4,520 Mil) but then increased from Jan. 2023 ($4,520 Mil) to Apr. 2023 ($4,682Mil).

Cisco Systems's annual other current assets increased from Jul. 2020 ($2,349 Mil) to Jul. 2021 ($2,889 Mil) increased from Jul. 2021 ($2,889 Mil) to Jul. 2022 ($4,355 Mil).

Cisco Systems Other Current Assets Historical Data

The historical data trend for Cisco Systems's Other Current Assets can be seen below:

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Cisco Systems Annual Data
Trend Jul13 Jul14 Jul15 Jul16 Jul17 Jul18 Jul19 Jul20 Jul21 Jul22
Other Current Assets
Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only 2,940.00 2,373.00 2,349.00 2,889.00 4,355.00

Cisco Systems Quarterly Data
Jul18 Oct18 Jan19 Apr19 Jul19 Oct19 Jan20 Apr20 Jul20 Oct20 Jan21 Apr21 Jul21 Oct21 Jan22 Apr22 Jul22 Oct22 Jan23 Apr23
Other Current Assets Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only 4,055.00 4,355.00 4,571.00 4,520.00 4,682.00

Cisco Systems Other Current Assets Calculation

Technically, the other current assets line may include any asset that will be used up within the next 12 months. However, other current assets never include assets that are listed elsewhere in the current assets section of the balance sheet. For this reason, other current assets are almost never:

Trade Receivables

The assets grouped under other current assets are most commonly:

Prepaid Expenses
Tax Assets
Non-Trade Receivables
Other (too numerous to list)

Some companies can and do choose to report each of these items separately.

Other current assets may be made up largely of Prepaid Expenses - unless these are listed on a separate line of the balance sheet.

Prepaid expenses are exactly what they sound like. If a company pays a $30 million insurance premium on the last day of June that will provide coverage for the entire month of July, the company will record a $30 million prepaid expense to account for the insurance expense it will show in July that it already paid for in June.

Tax assets can be quite complex. It is not common for companies to have both tax assets and tax liabilities. It is important that investors take note of both items when considering future taxes.

Non-Trade receivables are rarely a large item. They include money owed to the company by non-customers. Non-trade receivables can be caused by related party transactions, the sale of a business unit, etc. The notes to the company's financial statements will often provide much more detail on this item if it is truly important.

There are a variety of other current assets like non-trade receivables which are simply too numerous to list. If a company is following correct reporting procedures, it should not lump items that are different from one another and yet individually important to the company together under the line Other Current Assets.

At most companies, other current assets are a small and unimportant part of the total balance sheet.

Cisco Systems Other Current Assets Related Terms

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Cisco Systems (XSGO:CSCO) Business Description

Cisco Systems logo
170 West Tasman Drive, San Jose, CA, USA, 95134-1706
Cisco Systems is the largest provider of networking equipment in the world and one of the largest software companies in the world. Its largest businesses are selling networking hardware and software (where it has leading market shares) and cybersecurity software like firewalls. It also has collaboration products, like its Webex suite, and observability tools. It primarily outsources its manufacturing to third parties and has a large sales and marketing staff—25,000 strong across 90 countries. Overall, Cisco employees 80,000 employees and sells its products globally.

Cisco Systems (XSGO:CSCO) Headlines