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Viasat (Viasat) 12-1 Month Momentum % : -63.69% (As of May. 30, 2024)

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What is Viasat 12-1 Month Momentum %?

12-1 Month Momentum % is the total return of the stock from 12-month ago to 1-month ago. As of today (2024-05-30), Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum % is -63.69%.

The industry rank for Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum % or its related term are showing as below:

VSAT's 12-1 Month Momentum % is ranked worse than
96.8% of 2435 companies
in the Hardware industry
Industry Median: -4.95 vs VSAT: -63.69

Competitive Comparison of Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum %

For the Communication Equipment subindustry, Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum %, along with its competitors' market caps and 12-1 Month Momentum % data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.

Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum % Distribution in the Hardware Industry

For the Hardware industry and Technology sector, Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum % distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where Viasat's 12-1 Month Momentum % falls into.

Viasat  (NAS:VSAT) 12-1 Month Momentum % Calculation

12-1 Month Momentum % is calculated as following:

12-1 Month Momentum %=( Price 1-month ago / Price 12-month ago - 1 ) * 100 %

* For Operating Data section: All numbers are indicated by the unit behind each term and all currency related amount are in USD.
* For other sections: All numbers are in millions except for per share data, ratio, and percentage. All currency related amount are indicated in the company's associated stock exchange currency.

Viasat  (NAS:VSAT) 12-1 Month Momentum % Explanation

Momentum investing is a trading strategy in which investors buy securities that are rising and sell before the prices start to go back down. The 12-1 Month Momentum % measures the total return to a stock over the past twelve months, but ignores the previous month.

The reason why the most recent month’s return dropped related to the short-term reversal effect associated with momentum. There is an academic finding that short-term momentum actually has a reversal effect, whereby the previous winners (measured over the past months) do poorly the next month, while the previous losers do well the next month. In order to eliminate the short-term reversal effect, the previous month return was not included in this calculation.

Viasat 12-1 Month Momentum % Related Terms

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Viasat (Viasat) Business Description

Traded in Other Exchanges
6155 El Camino Real, Carlsbad, CA, USA, 92009
Viasat Inc provides bandwidth technologies and services in three segments: satellite services, which provides satellite-based high-speed broadband services to consumers, enterprises, and commercial airlines; commercial networks, which develops end-to-end communication and connectivity systems; and government systems, which produces network-centric Internet Protocol-based secure government communication systems. A large majority of the firm's revenue is generated in the United States, with the rest coming from the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.
Craig Andrew Miller officer: Pres. Government Systems C/O VIASAT, INC., 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
Keven K Lippert officer: Vice President General Counsel 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
Benjamin Edward Palmer officer: President, Maritime C/O VIASAT, INC., 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
Richard A Baldridge officer: Chief Operating Officer 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
James Michael Dodd officer: President, Global Mobile 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
Warburg Pincus (europa) Global Growth (cayman), L.p. 10 percent owner C/O WARBURG PINCUS LLC, 450 LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10017
Warburg Pincus Llc 10 percent owner 450 LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10017
Mark Nieuwendijk 10 percent owner C/O PRETZEL LOGIC BV, WILHELMINALAAN 30, ZEIST P7 3701BL
Luxtopholding Sarl Triton 10 percent owner 1-3 BOULEVARD DE LA FOIRE, LUXEMBOURG N4 L-1528
Logic Bv Pretzel 10 percent owner WILHELMINALAAN 30, ZEIST P7 3701BL
Warburg Pincus (cayman) Global Growth Gp Llc 10 percent owner C/O WARBURG PINCUS LLC, 450 LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10017
Warburg Pincus (cayman) Global Growth Gp, L.p. 10 percent owner C/O WARBURG PINCUS LLC, 450 LEXINGTON AVENUE, NEW YORK NY 10017
Andrew Sukawaty director C/O VIASAT, INC., 6155 EL CAMINO REAL, CARLSBAD CA 92009
Cpp Investment Board Private Holdings (4) Inc. 10 percent owner 1 QUEEN STREET EAST, SUITE 2500, TORONTO A6 M5C 2W5